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    Mark Savage models

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    3 dozen or so sound clips of 2 stroke Detroit Diesel Buses

    Your post reminded me of a quarry near where I used to live. I was out in a big swamp hunting, (about 1000 acres), and it was getting dark. As the swamp was totally level and I could see no landmarks, it was getting dark, and stupid me had forgotten my compass, I was getting just a BIT...
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    Holy smokes............you guys are TOUGH down under, eh??? Best of luck! OUCH!
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    A couple pics of my hobby-turned-disease...

    Hot damn LowBoy.............I've been driving by your place for years. I live about ten minutes from you in Heartwellville. LOVE those old girls you got camping out in your yard. Guess I've gotta stop by some day to visit. Nice stuff to be sure. I actually stopped by when you had the Transtar...