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  1. seatwarmer

    Happy holidays

    HAng in there Dave, and enjoy live
  2. seatwarmer

    Overload of the Day

    Are people really that dumb ?
  3. seatwarmer

    Did the HEF accounts get get hacked ?

    No "Report" button unfortunately.
  4. seatwarmer

    Cat D4D clutch

    Willie, if you have/can get the serial number I'm sure somebody here will be able to look it up. I have not been on a D4D since the 70's.
  5. seatwarmer

    Email Hijacked.

    Well my checks on emails were correct for using the same password and 1 from 2019 because of a data breach at a bank.
  6. seatwarmer

    The giant

    Birken Today it is what the computer says, when computer fails whe scrath the head and say WTF?
  7. seatwarmer

    The giant

  8. seatwarmer

    The giant

    Was not me
  9. seatwarmer

    Gravel Resheet

    It does make for interesting oopsies :D
  10. seatwarmer

    Email Hijacked.

    Here is a good check: https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  11. seatwarmer

    Carpal tunnel surgery

    What are you up to ? That is more for those of us that are driving mouses than operatoring HE.
  12. seatwarmer

    Anyone have the Web Address for SIS?

    No way in hell that is CAT
  13. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    Happy to hear a so called 3rd World country is taking Covid seriously. Around here in this dump 80% of the population reckon they won't get it.
  14. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    mantenga el distanciamiento social = maintain social distance ? If my very rusty Spanish is correct.
  15. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    Well He will be bored sitting in his flat in Columbia. Enoy the break Nige.
  16. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    SWMBO must be a very tolerant lady, mine would have launched me into orbit around the sun with a kick in the arse. :oops:
  17. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    Nige Will you be able to get back to home with countries starting to ban flights to the UK ?
  18. seatwarmer

    Strategies to deal with vandals and thieves on a jobsite?

    Shotgun shells loaded with coarse salt and wheat grains.
  19. seatwarmer

    On the Road Again

    Because it is cheaper by 50% ?
  20. seatwarmer

    Low back pain

    My average a day is +-2 miles a day, and most of my time is spent behind a desk.