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  1. J

    Clumpy dirt clods

    Did you plow all the snow off (; Way to early to till a garden when its wet not only it wont till well put it makes hard compaction below the tines
  2. J

    2004 International 7300

    Why ? you have low for deep reduction
  3. J

    Not sure where to put this.... How to store gasoline...

    Gas is not always readily available its called thinking ahead Be aware that a 55 gallon drum is not DOT approved container somebody may hassle you about filling that we use a barrel with a hand pump on it for premium gas works great no one has ever said anything just something to be aware of...
  4. J

    3306 genset

    I'm sure there is a formula Hp to kw but you would tend to see those around 150kw
  5. J

    Operator responsibility

    "However on a construction site when is the operator responsible for someones death and when is it the responsibility Of the people on the ground to stay out of the way." Is that a serious question or just a rant? Operators and drivers are to be responsible for safe operation and every move...
  6. J

    urethane for gaskets?

  7. J

    Can we talk about "value" mini excavators?

  8. J

    How To Change & Tube Backhoe & Tractor Tires

    Nice clean wheels to work with
  9. J

    porta powers and pin pullers

    I think temco makes a good product for reasonable price I have some of there hollow cylinders and air pump https://temcoindustrial.com/tools/hydraulics/cylinders/
  10. J

    2004 International 7300

    Most that I have worked on use a pressure protection valve at the tank then run the lines to your switch The pressure protection valve serves to protect your air supply in case the accessory circuit fails it will shut off flow at a preset low pressure point
  11. J

    Boosting stuff, 12 and 24v

    A good long set of very heavy booster cables made out of welding lead has served me well. Next up is a heavy duty charger run off my inverter or welder both methods are reliable and work every time I am not interested in jump boxes to keep charged up and carry around to use once a month If I...
  12. J

    Reasonable Fee for moving a 30k lb. Dozer

    I think your in the right ball park 750-1000 maybe a little high but that never hurts for planning also does it run and drive properly that can have a affect on pricing
  13. J

    Ford LRG425 Ignition Modules Discontinued - Ford 4 Cyl Pinto Industrial Engine

    What all do they do ? Spark, timing, I suppose oil and temp shut downs ? Maybe one could find a race car ign box msd type module to take care of the spark and timing take a look at summit racing There are places that repair ecms also that may be worth checking out It would also be possible...
  14. J

    Winter Works

    Yes they are loaded with stingers it had got below zero and that ice cut hard front wheels in the air most of the day it was to slippery to steer with them anyways when it warmed up on the afternoon got quite a bit easier Slopemeter is the first thing that goes on when we get a grader they help...
  15. J

    Winter Works

    4th day of ice cutting after our inch of rain I really wanted to keep the nice easy plowing winter road longer but they shined like glass between the 3 graders we have about 200 miles done and start on another 40 mile township tomorrow that we don't usually plow but needs some help with ice and...
  16. J

    Front bucket cutting edge

    about $190 for 5/8 x 6 x 88.5 https://www.coremarkmetals.com/steel-beveled-cutting-edge most steel warehouses have some cut to length like that in stock its likely quite a bit less at another supplier I use that doesn't sell on the web Try searching for steel distributors near you I...
  17. J

    Hydraulic hose repair or replace

    Well its shot how long it will last is anyones guess 2 days or 5 years really we have all seen them go either way because it feeds all the functions before the valves meaning it will dump everything and you wont be able to drive it to a convenient location for repairs I would be very inclined...
  18. J

    Blade Tip Angle Plowing snow…

    Good eye that runs the pins on the front quick tach parking brake cans springs keep the pins driven air to remove attachment
  19. J

    Blade Tip Angle Plowing snow…

    When we need an extra circuit like for the reversible front plow I use a electric splitter valve this one is set up on the front plow lever just push or pull the snap switch while operating lever and flow is diverted
  20. J

    Blade Tip Angle Plowing snow…

    I'm sure one could plow snow with out power tip but its to valuable to me to disable on purpose everyone has different needs though