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    Wacker Neuson Skid Steer

    I have yet to see one on a job site.
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    Kubota SSV65 EGR & DPF deletes?

    How big is the fine if you get caught bypassing the emissions requirements?
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    cost of new CAT 299D2 XHP

    I'm sure that's suggested list price. I've never paid sticker price on a truck, and I'm pretty sure you could walk out of there with that machine for a lot less.
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    New compact track loaders for mulching

    Terex still holds 49% of ASV and Manitex (a bucket truck company) owns 51% so ASV is not independent, but owned by two companies.
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    Standard Flow VS High Flow, Heat generation differences.

    Your loader arms functions only use your machines standard flow out of the aux pump. The only way high flow would come into play in the application you're describing would be if you accidentally had high flow enabled and it was dead heading against the couplers. High hyd oil temps can and...
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    Buying Used, Cat Dealer Question

    You can buy a used skidsteer from any dealer anywhere. They won't sell new outside of their service territories.
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    T650 is poorly under powered machine - Need Help

    Is your machine running the new T4 final Doosan 2.4L engine or the T4 interim 3.3L Kubota? Bobcat reduced the displacement and there have been complaints about fuel filters clogging causing power issues.
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    cat 299d xhp vs terex pt110 forestry

    I think I remember something about the D series Cat machines needing some sort of electrical jumper that tells the machine that the attachment is a high flow attachment. They only run a 2 line system (and a case drain) and the machine will only give standard flow without the jumper. Check with...
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    Why Not 100 HP Approx In A Skid Steer?

    Cat's 272D2 XHP is 110hp. I think this is the highest ho for a skid steer as far as I know.
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    Anyone using a 2015/2016 ASV skid loader or track loader?

    In my opinion Terex is out of the entire construction industry in North America and not just CTLs. Based on what I've heard I'd be shocked if Terex dealers took delivery of 100 ASV built CTLs in 2015. It's almost sad, because I'm like you. I have really liked the performance of the ASV...
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    Anyone using a 2015/2016 ASV skid loader or track loader?

    My primary concern buying a ASV/Terex machine would be the parts availability and whether ASV will even be in business in the not too distant future. I'm an actual ASV RC-50 owner and think they are good performing machines that have seriously fallen behind the other CTL manufacturers...
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    Kubota SSL

    I I opened a the tail gate of on the new 75hp SSL with a 3/4 fuel tank and you can see the door settle a not so insignificant amount. I'd be shocked if this was redesigned or beefed up significantly in the future. I've been around SSLs a long time and the door will not hold up as is.
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    299D XHP or T870 I cant decide

    Fecon does not supply Cat their mulching heads. FAE is supplying Cat branded heads to Cat. Both are good mulching heads, but IMO FAE is a better head based on using both on land I help manage for QDM and feedback from former customers of mine.
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    takeuchi ts70r parts manual/ glass kit

    Why don't you just contact ASV or Terex since it's just a rebadged ASV skid steer?
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    tier 4 doosan engines in bobcat

    Not that I'm aware of. Former customer just traded his in for another brand 1 1/2 winters worth of trouble was too much hassle.
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    Cat 259d or 289d Deere 323e

    Deere has always had good static lifting capability, but I always found them to be meh when lifting and curling while driving into a pile. I've only spent a short time in a 259D, but I thought it had pretty good power for a 66" wide machine, great visibility down to the tracks and the camera...
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    Econmical Rear Auxillary Hydraulics on Bobcat S750

    There was a kit for rear hydraulics when I sold Bobcats. It included "Ts" couplers, hoses, and a solenoid if I remember correctly. If the machine is in warranty I could understand the dealer not wanting anyone installing it outside of the dealership.
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    Econmical Rear Auxillary Hydraulics on Bobcat S750

    Tree spade outriggers.
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    Econmical Rear Auxillary Hydraulics on Bobcat S750

    Is the machine still in warranty?
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    Kubota... The choice is made...but

    While small, those holes at the bottom are ok for washing out dirt once the covers are removed. However, they are too small for washing out brush and twigs.