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    D155AX6 CODE:E03 CA2249

    This site is free to use , has just about every Komatsu https://k-part.777parts.org/catalog/komatsu/d155ax4c/ You can purchase a proper paper parts book . I was told mine would cost $ 200 NZ or this site for free
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    D8T wont go in reverse or forward.

    You are going to have to have enough oil in it , should be pretty obvious where its leaking from at that volume of leak
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    Need help determining the Model year of a Komatsu Dozer

    2020 - 2023 https://www.lectura-specs.com/en/model/construction-machinery/bulldozers-komatsu/d39px-22-11737141
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    D155AX6 CODE:E03 CA2249

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ht25zN_AurCdHZAhybPiTdORIIbnLIjT/view Maybe in this manual , from the little I know the 3 in the eo3 is serious .
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    D9G Final Drive Tooling

    As big as they are their sprockets don't seem to take a greater tonnage to pull than a small dozer
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    D9G Final Drive Tooling

    Before you purchase anything , strip the dozer down to a point where a puller would be installed and wack the sprocket , give the sprocket half a turn using the motor and do it again . If you can , leave it a few days and do it again . Never know your luck . I learnt this first strike method...
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    Cat D5K Hydraulic Cylinder Bleeding

    First time I've ever heard of bleeding lift rams , the pressure would be so high as to almost make the space the air takes up almost non existent . Just make sure there is enough oil in the system to make up for the oil lost when the rams were removed .
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    D31A 17 Ran Out of Deisel

    You may not have run out of diesel the first time , rather the problem you have now is what stopped it . Check the line for banjo filters . They get blocked enough to let you start but not enough to use the machine . Check Fuel cap to .
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    D61PXi-24 Track Frame Pinion Leak

    There should be service intervals for this , was it serviced on time . How long it is out of time will determine if Komatsu stand by it along with your potential to buy more Komatsu's if its well out of time .
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    There were calf dozers in the Western Desert laying oil/fuel pipelines for the British forces during WWII , my father said they were walk behind rather than seated . That would have been early in the war at least before the Greek campaign
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    Hyster “yarder” winches info please

    Uniquely NZ photo , tractor tray sheep crate and a water trough . How much rope capacity does it have ?
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    Torque Multiplier 6V6080

    Dumped some damaged bolts , segments were good tooth wise . I welded the segments together , it's easy enough to cut the weld out to remove when their time is up . Going by the bright green paint on two of the segments nuts last owners had the same issue . The other way out looked to me to be...
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    Torque Multiplier 6V6080

    Little tool for magic . I've just done a sprocket segment job , all were lock tighted on . Mine is two speed and second was too high at times to help . Rather wondered if the rattle gun would have sped up the job .
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    CAT D8H Rear Main Seal

    Be wary that major components made not be original .
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    Broken tooth on oil pump cause bearing failure?

    You could have used your 2021 thread or is this a different motor thats had the same problem . Last time there was no oil pressure at one point
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    Trouble Diagnosing problem with D155A-1 Dozer

    I take it its only under load when driving either forwards or backwards and not in neutral , could be brakes are too tight .
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    D7 17a lift cylinder reseal kit

    If yours is the same as mine it will have v-pack seals , you may have shims between the head and the seal retainer . If there are shims there remove and replace the retainer . Removing one shim at a time to check if it seals . Careful not to damage the v-packs , they would look like felt broken...
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    Hyster winch knowledge / help

    The D7D is a good winch , simple enough . Mine has an automatic brake function that fits on where the standard brake drum goes , little bit of magic . If you choose to fit a D7D don't ever ever touch the free spool . That was a bit of madness on the part of Hyster big mess of lose wire on the...
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    Old Cat Dozer - Need help identifying specs

    D6B , show us a photo of the dozer .
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    Case 450 stopped running, and then started smoking...

    At this point it's important to find out whats happened . Turning over the motor by hand is a safe and easy way to check if there is coolant in a cylinder . Push the fan belt tight against the pullys and turn the fan by hand if you can get at the fan . Pulling out the injectors another way , but...