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  1. J

    Komatsu HPV 125+125 manual

    Hi does anybody have the Komatsu Hydraulic pump service manual for 125+125 pump ? not included in the excavator shop manual Cheers
  2. J

    Isuzu IDSS connector types

    Hi I currently have an Isuzu IDSS and the connector differs from the type on my Isuzu NPS 300 truck ( Australian ) Attached are some pics , if you look the plug is almost the same but the centre ridge is the difference , Does anyone know about this are the pinouts the same etc ? and do i just...
  3. J

    Hitachi ZX 160LC-3 Power Loss Under Load

    Fuel cap ??
  4. J

    4TNV98 hard starting in the morning

    After investigating the fault it was low on compression , excessive blowby and got to the stage it would not start at all. Going to head back to rebuild it soon
  5. J

    4TNV98 hard starting in the morning

    thanks for the reply , the machine it self is in a remote area so will be chance that I have the right fitting. I know of a couple of compression testor kits but I have no injector to match up or anything , What are your thoughts on it being related to the fuel pump ? I have only read a bit on...
  6. J

    life expectancy for JLG boom lift

    Hi I've been given the task of searching for a boom lift in particular a 450aj sII JLG to go along side another of an identical model, since I've only come across one that has 5000 hrs, I would like to get some indication of if this is high hours for this type of machine, I'm more familiar...
  7. J

    Komatsu pc 200-5 hydraulic pressure pulsation

    does the machine mistrack ?
  8. J

    Reset diagnostic codes Hitachi EX200-3

    i know in mpro when you do the troubleshoot codes and they keep coming up when you first open it keep hitting "retry" and it should clear the ones that are not active
  9. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    Thanks for the info , I managed to go back to the machine equipped with emps , so tbe fault code for inj 3 did not reappear after being cleared a few weeks ago, but there is still a hesitation at 1/4 - 1/2 idle, I managed to do the cut out test and no.3 made very little difference so I have a...
  10. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    Yes its an older model tier 3 egr and common rail, I have info on which case it is similar too but im working abroad atm , can you plug emps into the sumi and where abouts because I deal with isuzu powered diggers a bit and would consider buying one
  11. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    The injector codes are also correct
  12. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    I have a service manual , ive worked for 2 oem and you definitely have more infomation available then whats in the manual , this is a dash 3 I would consider tier 3, engine has hesitation at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle, I have not replaced any injectors all im asking is anyone familiar with this system...
  13. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    of course that is the problem i cant shut off individual inj it just slows idle to 500rpm So im hoping to ask sumitomo/case/linkbelt technician
  14. J

    Isuzu idss emps connecting upto excavator

    Im interested to here from anyone who has used idss on an excavator , as Isuzu use a odb style connector on there trucks , where abouts do you plug into an excavator , or is there a diagnostic connector just hidden in the cab around the ECU area
  15. J

    Sumitomo sh330-3 injectors test mode

    Hi Im looking after a sh330-3 (6hk1 isuzu eng) that has some running issues it has previously had fault code 0203 for inj 3 , so I've accessed the service menu to activate the injector test mode which seems to run at a slow idle 500rpm , I'm used to an inj cutout test , so what is the idea of...
  16. J

    Input wanted changing hydraulic oil on Hitachi ZX35U-3 (2011, 800 hrs unknown use)

    i just retract all the cylinders as much as possible and suck out the hydraulic oil in the tank , or you could pop the suction line off , refill hyd oil and crack the 2 in hex plugs on the pump housing to let the air out
  17. J

    1993 ford ltl 9000 diagnostic connector ?

    Yea for sure , its nice to go prepared tho
  18. J

    sevice manuals

    anybody have a workshop manual for sumitomo sh145x-6 , or the link belt equivilent ?? thankyou
  19. J

    1993 ford ltl 9000 diagnostic connector ?

    i didn't end up getting to it today , but i'm going off memory here that it appeared the same as the kenworths running the Electronic unit injectors . the complaint was engine shutting down and eventually de rated to run slow , and going off some of the other truck the coolant level sensor seems...
  20. J

    1993 ford ltl 9000 diagnostic connector ?

    hi I'm fairly new to the truck game but have been helping a mate out with some of his trucks, i have the nexiq diagnostic stuff and have managed to plug into his kenworths running the detroit series 60 , but i remember trying to find the plug on the louisville that also runs the detriot...