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    Seeking good handbook for estimating earthworks

    Hi HEF - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, (pick your favorite holiday, if you are lucky enough to get one!) Background - farm kid-turned-engineer, worked in a number of fields for 25+ years, now working in scheduling construction. I typically work for mine owners, planning $100M projects. I...
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    2007 200CLC

    Without digging up a photo on the internet.... I believe what the poster was referring to is a type of fitting that I have only seen on diesel fuel systems (although I'm sure that they are used in other applications). At the end of the fuel line, there is a metal fitting that larger than the...
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    Crazy idea and curious

    I worked doing railroad removal years ago (actually, its more like decades ago... how did that happen? ha ha) Anyway; we got to see a few crews using different combinations of machinery. The one crew that I worked with had a contract for ties (rails and steel removed by others). As a first...
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    Close Calls

    My worst offence.... we had a Versatile bi-directional (farm tractor). "Back in the day", it was standard practice to skip the radio option (if there even was one), and bolt some salvaged AM radio somewhere that it fit. Turns out that on this tractor, the only halfway handy place was on the...
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    Air cooled Diesel engines.

    Dad has a 1975 D100-06 Deutz. Starts great, runs like a top, they are famous for long life (if you keep the fins clean). Compared to North American tractors of the same vintage, they are typically lighter, and have lower pressure, low volume hydraulics. Nothing to keep them from working, just...
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    Favorite phrases you use

    I used to work with a guy who would offer the advice "Don't pet a burning dog." Which, I will confess, seemed hard to dispute. Once we were together in a plumbing shop, and one of us made that comment. The staff member there looked at us with shock, and asked where we had heard that...
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    Ether addicted engines

    Our biggest horse on the farm was a 3306 with glow plugs, so we had a strict "no ether" policy. But we didn't run much stuff in the winter, and we had ways to plug them in (or use the propane tiger torch and a stove pipe to take the chill off). In fact, I think the first place that I saw ether...
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    Bucketwheel #4

    Thanks for posting! I saw those when I visited a friend in Fort Mac in 2006. Actually went there on vacation! I love it when companies place more value on preserving machines than whatever pittance they would get for scrapping. danr
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    Antique dozer controls

    Hi HEF! I was thinking the other day about old dozers, and I have some questions about operator controls. Can those with more gray hairs than me, or some seat time on an old dozer, please respond with some info, and let me know what brands have specific or unconventional controls. Prior to...