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  1. bushcat

    Small Engine Gas Cap

    Had a chinese generator at hunting camp and it would run half hour and quit had to use a pipe wrench to get the cap off,left it a little loose and it would run for the whole tank.Might add that it was brand new.
  2. bushcat

    New Guy from Canada!

    Welcome aboard ckblum
  3. bushcat

    Need a starter..whats a good brand?

    Keep us posted
  4. bushcat

    Dash Cams

    Thanks for the posts guys
  5. bushcat

    More Cat 6015B and 6020B builds

    Nice pics,nice machines
  6. bushcat

    Dash Cams

    Thanks Nige
  7. bushcat

    Dash Cams

    Can anyone recommend a good quality dash cam for heavy trucks/heavy equipment?
  8. bushcat

    Got to love working outdoors

    Nice, Smart owl
  9. bushcat

    Def in Diesel

  10. bushcat

    Fuel tank sight glass ? 312B excavator

    Sight glass for fuel and only shows fuel in it for the top quarter of tank or so and aids you for fueling up,handy if you don't have a auto shut off nozzle or handpumping
  11. bushcat

    Detroit 60 series starting problem

    I've had the same problem bad ground to the frame by the battery box
  12. bushcat

    Its that time of year. Lets discuss ether.

    Some machines that are located in extreme cold conditions have a zero start system installed that when activated shoots a measured amount of ether directly into the intake to aid in starting
  13. bushcat

    Its that time of year. Lets discuss ether.

    Have to agree with you on that Tones and I like to warm the can up good on the truck heater before spraying
  14. bushcat

    Deere 772D can't find hours in menu

    You might have to go into the menu and try engine diagnostics menu and go from there
  15. bushcat

    Deere 772D can't find hours in menu

    I run a 872D when needed and I usually leave it on the hour meter but if I change the screen for whatever reason I can retrieve the hour meter by scrolling through the menu sometimes it takes a little while. I won't be back to work till the 3rd can have a look in the manual then.Maybe try...
  16. bushcat

    Last Minute Cristmas Idea-Madill

    Very nice and Happy Holidays to you and yours
  17. bushcat

    Repurpose Dozer steel tracks

    The tracks work great for dragging logging/bush roads
  18. bushcat

    CAT D11 Hovering Above Town

    Nothing like working close to home.
  19. bushcat

    CAT Earning Her Keep

  20. bushcat

    When is the winter logging?

    December/January till March