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  1. crane operator

    Working the National 1300A

    They may be playing a workmans comp game. Typically the underwriters want a percentage estimate of time spent working at height vs working on the ground. The rates on the comp are scaled by that percentage. It’s not a big deal for small companies, but if they are one of the huge developers, it...
  2. crane operator

    Memories for us old truckers

    Kw for sale near me. Asking price is 79,900, so I'm out as a buyer.
  3. crane operator

    When scooping with the front bucket, how do you avoid just pushing it forward continually?

    I've heard of crippling grip loss, where round shovel handles don't fit your hands. Fortunately most guys that have it can still run a joystick or a steering wheel. It typically happens to guys who overuse that grip form in their younger years.
  4. crane operator

    Shop torpedo heater

    Is it possible that the heater has a "tip over" shut down? If it does, it may have become dislodged in the mount bracket and so the only way it lights is if you get it at the right angle?
  5. crane operator

    Air lift trailer ramp design

    I think some of the new trailers use air bags to lift the ramps, but I've never seen one in person.
  6. crane operator

    Air lift trailer ramp design

    You just as well fix the trailer jack while you're putting the springs back in. I think your beavertail would be awful short to add air cylinders to. You need quite a bit of room underneath for the cylinder. There's pictures on here somewhere of a trailer or truck that had air cylinders added...
  7. crane operator

    Turning 50 kinda sucks.

    Good luck tomorrow.
  8. crane operator

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    I didn't go to conexpo, I just saw the pictures on the internet. Its one thing to say someone's building it, its another to have a picture of it. From all the articles I've read, its going to be cat powertrain.
  9. crane operator

    Fair Value:

    In a picture you posted of your lift, only one axle has planetaries. So I'm going to guess that the other axle isn't driven, and you don't have 4x4.
  10. crane operator

    Memories for us old truckers

    For sale as a "1950 wrecker".
  11. crane operator

    Need help sourcing air swivel

    The two lines in a single stem that I have used, came originally from a 1982 or maybe 1979, HTC-50 linkbelt hydraulic truck crane. It looks just like what's in your pettibone. In the link belts its around 36" long or so. Time to make nice with your link belt dealer parts man. I think I...
  12. crane operator

    Grove YB4408 "Yard Boss" Carrydeck crane

    If this is a "company" machine, manual's aren't terribly expensive. Here's a shop and parts manual for under $200 total...
  13. crane operator

    Grove YB4408 "Yard Boss" Carrydeck crane

    Some of them can be done in the crane, but I think its a lot easier if you just take it out. It should only be 6 or so hoses up and down and you can have it on the bench. Its a lot easier to put the seals all in, and pull the barrel back on, if its on a table. Plus it will probably need a hone...
  14. crane operator

    Turning 50 kinda sucks.

    I'm right there with you. I turned 50 last summer, I'm old enough now, that I don't get wrapped around the axle with little problems like I used to. My wife says I've mellowed out a little bit. I really enjoy what I do and have a great group of guys to work with.
  15. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    Been working on a construction equipment playground. We're in a resort/ tourist area, and this is a new attraction going in. I think they are cute as a bug. I will get more pictures when it gets done. I'm thinking I'm going to host a HeavyEquipmentForums convention, we can have a skills...
  16. crane operator

    Just some work pics

    Half of the lodge trusses we set saturday, well they blew over sunday night. Broke a few, new ones are supposed to show up next monday. Some of the guys were great employee's and came in Saturday to shove the swivel in the 40 ton. I just couldn't see us getting it put in during the week, so...
  17. crane operator

    Bobcat 753 - Pulled engine, fixing leaks and fan drive.

    Look at you splurging for a new hook. How will the Mrs. afford a new purse with you throwing nickels around like manhole covers?
  18. crane operator

    Overload of the Day

    Nope, just cruising around town watching a really light steer axle and keeping my distance....