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  1. dieseldog5.9

    Memories for us old truckers

    I believe those cabs were made by the corprate cab company, Autocar, Diamond Reo, White and a few others used that cab. The early versions were short doors and short roof, then what some call the bubble top in the late 70's early 80's, short doors but more roof, my 81 western star I would have...
  2. dieseldog5.9

    Read 40

    All the guys I am familiar with use the elongated bottom screen, 1/2 inch.
  3. dieseldog5.9

    Small skidder

    Eddie, you may want to post an individual question for this topic. Also I have found forestry forum to have alot more infomation on the older skidders such as Timberjack and Clark
  4. dieseldog5.9

    Someone please help me before I scrap this P.O.S.!!

    The shift solenoids ground through the emergency brake if I remember corectly, if the wire hooked to the emergency brake is hanging touching steel?or not touching steel, which ever it needs, the machine wont move or vice versa. A wire issue on the emegency brake will prevent machine from moving.
  5. dieseldog5.9

    Cat Shopping 257 Vs 259

    Looking to get into a tracked skidsteer to run our harley rake, have a Cat 262 that we currently use and like and will keep at the shop. Thinking a 257 or 259 seems like a mid size popular machine that would be nimble around the jobsites. Just hearing on the street that these newer machines...
  6. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    So Problem #1 solved, found a hydraulic pin grabber on Craigslist with lines and the control valve for $2500.
  7. dieseldog5.9

    Understanding Lowbed Capacity

    2 issues: -Looking to purchase a larger excavator for a bigger Hammer. -Want to get away from tag trailer for smaller excavators. Before shopping for a larger excavator: Cat 325 (60,000 lbs ) or 330, (75,000 lbs) looking to figure out the transportation aspect. If the tractor is 14k front, 46...
  8. dieseldog5.9

    How do they operate without DOT #'s

    In my area of NH Vermont is known to have a vigilant DOT Presence, I purchased an excavator in Montpelier, rather than take my dump truck and tag trailer over there I hired a VT lowbed.
  9. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    Fueling up the machine the other day noticed the pouch behind the seat was bulging, score, full parts manual behind the seat. Called my cat dealer with the part numbers for the auxilary lines, none available. The lines for the bucket, dipper and boom are available.:mad: Looking at my 3 other...
  10. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    Spoke with HCT today and they sent me a quote. Lets call it $6000.00. I guess I am picky, I want the pedal from Cat that matches my other machines, I have a set of relief cartridges from a 312B new in the box, (may or may not fit my 312C) from there it is 2 lines over the boom and 4 hoses, I...
  11. dieseldog5.9

    CAV Injector Pump Stuck? MF135

    Pump sounds like it needs to be pulled as the shut off is stuck, Personal message pump shop guy he will give your directions on how to pull the pump. Good luck.
  12. dieseldog5.9

    What do bears run on?

    What do bears run on? obviously the first bear was gas powered, second diesel powered, obviously one bear is experimenting with running on alternative fuels like waste oil, and the bear in Alaska was obviously an electric hybrid.:p:D
  13. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    Yes, My local Cat dealer quoted me an HKX Kit. $8500:( I am torn between buying the HKX kit from Cat, and being done with it, or coming up with another option. They pulled the listing for cat aux lines so I cant look them up on SIS. Assuming Cat made the lines at some point, so there is a...
  14. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    I am a simpler is better kind of guy, Cummins diesel trucks with manual transmissions, never bought DEF. I paid all the money but have been shopping for a 312 for 2 years, B or C would have been fine, looked at multiple machines hundreds of miles away that were trashed. Have a 315B, 311...
  15. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

  16. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    Oh it happened, technical difficulties, working on it.
  17. dieseldog5.9

    Starting a business

    Its easy to knock schooling over " real world" however schooling will give you experience in all aspects of the buisness. For example in the " real world" you may work in a shop that does not rebuild transmissions, but in school you will, and when you are troubleshooting a problem in the real...
  18. dieseldog5.9

    CAV Injector Pump Stuck? MF135

    Sorry, I skimmed the post, was thinking of a different style pump. Yes you should have fuel when cranking, However: -I would loosen all the delivery lines, and pump the hand primer till fuel came out to prime the pump. -Fuel will not come out if the lever is in the fuel off position.
  19. dieseldog5.9

    CAV Injector Pump Stuck? MF135

    If I recall those have a fuel shutoff solenoid on the side of the pump, a picture of the pump would help.
  20. dieseldog5.9

    Cat 312B/C/D/E

    After looking and looking and looking, I found and bought the White Whale. Good thing because the better half was going to have me committed. 312CL, 5000hrs, not a ding in any of the panels, long stick.