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  1. cummins05

    bad experience with anti-gel product

    Just dont be using kerosine in your newer diesel pickups anything with a common rail injection system they do not like kerosine. and you wana be using lube in your fuel for any older truck cause the ULSD fuel doesnt have the lube that pre 2008 (dodge) and 2007(chev) and the pre 6.4 ford...
  2. cummins05

    Hit a rock with this!!!

    I have a bit of seat time in this They work great for trimming after a larger cat has bulked out before hand. They spread top soil like a dream you can also gravel a lease road very quick and lay in out very consistant. They also push snow well and move from lease to lease very fast
  3. cummins05

    Champion Grader

    LOL you bought a champ with a Cummins LOL I also agree jade is a expensive outfit to deal with I had an older gentlmen that I was working for and we wanted a newer second grader well we basicly gave up dealing with jade on the purchase and bought a 143 from cat with much less hassle for...
  4. cummins05

    What is drawbar pull

    it is how much the tractor can pull with it's tractive power weight power and traction affect it so if the R has more power and weight and traction it will pull more
  5. cummins05

    Case 865 Grader

    I would like to see that unit up against the volvo deere and cat in a head to head for the real world.
  6. cummins05

    Here's an assortment of our equipment

    I liked seeing CAT machines show up just cause you kinda know in your head what a D6 can move in a day. But if another brand showed I would give it a shot and as long as it moved what It needed to for the rate I was ok with it.
  7. cummins05

    D4 or JD450?

    Now thats funny LOL thanks for the laugh bud.
  8. cummins05

    D4 or JD450?

    Im a CAT dozer fan to the max but must admit for smaller trimming and jobs like spreading top soil in ditches I am going to be sending out a Deere. I agree with EGS anything 6 and up get a CAT
  9. cummins05

    Stumping with a ripper

    A hoe is a great tool to use for stumping its just not always feasable to walk a hoe off the job its doing when the dozer that crashed the area can stump and pile on it's own.
  10. cummins05

    D8 R's or T's LGP?

    I have only run one D8Rlgp rare indeed expensive to replace undercarrage. I was told 25% more then a D7 lgp
  11. cummins05

    Stumping with a ripper

    5Hs can do it to just have to work it a bit more with the ripper. I have no pics or vids i rarley bring a camera onsite and no weight needed for balance I always thought a 6N was balanced pretty decent.
  12. cummins05

    Stumping with a ripper

    used a 6N with two shanks in the the outside the tree had been cut using a buncher. I used to rip one way with the tree between the shanks move around the tree 90deg rip the roots again then back up again and rip through the centre lots of times they poped out and if they didnt the...
  13. cummins05


    you have to start your own company and run it as one including all insurance and saftey courses you need. Here in AB 99 percent of the time you also must supply a pickup fuel tank hand tools grease gun etc. (charge out 100 to 150 extra a day) you also have to do your own taxes and pay the...
  14. cummins05

    JD 700 H Tracks Rough on Hard Ground

    Could be it has steel tracks and the ground is hard LOL I have found that if the cat is corked and if its double corked even worse they can be super rough on hard and frozen ground if it is cut the corks off you might find it will smooth out.
  15. cummins05

    H185 digging clay

    Well I would like to hear the outcome of this lol Coal boss are you the super for that mine?
  16. cummins05

    tractor pans or scrapers which do you like better

    Well while your thinking a bit delusional I have a couple D12Rs you should come buy off me. :tong:tong:tong:D:D:D:drinkup:drinkup
  17. cummins05

    D6R fire

    wow you are alive Tim lol how is life goin for you things pick up at all for you.
  18. cummins05

    Hourly rate.

    Around here I do a 120 size at 120 an hour 140 at 140an hour. add 5 bucks for all wheel drive and another 10 for sanvik blades
  19. cummins05

    volvo a 25 c problem

    Are you for reall wow seen it all now. We have an equipment wrecker here in Manitoba kinda a wierd guy if you need the parts still I could give him a call see what he has in his sheds.
  20. cummins05

    What part of the country is still using motor scrapers??

    Aussie Leeroy has a wanted add for a Ts14 here on the forum I pm'd him the link to this add hope you sell.