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    Working the National 1300A

    Hitching a ride, it appears to be a might tacky. Between the soup holes.
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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    I am guessing that he couldn't walk on water. I am close to it with my size 16 Buster Browns on.
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    Working the National 1300A

    Your camera has to put many a smile on your face, setting something in the blind. When they have no idea, how you can be so talented, best operator they have ever seen.
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    Working the National 1300A

    What is the experimental plane that you fly Natman? I went to the Stearman fly in last week and got a couple rides with pilots I have met over the years. Sure lots of fun and always enjoyable meeting some of the pilots!
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    Working the National 1300A

    Not the way to make a Q tipped prop, a very expensive mistake. Must of not heard the horn-buzzer for the gear not down.
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    Demolition, clearing and grading

    I try to scrap as much as possible when tearing down houses. I did a demo for the church and told them I would give them the scrap. They didn't think much of it till it paid for a third of the cost of the demo, job.
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    A few projects I have done recently

    You do some interesting and good looking work. I had to dig for a new commercial service 3 four inch PCV pipes last week. Had two gas lines and a fiber optic to go under, plus cut the street. I helped pull the 2500' of wire this week with the electricians old pole truck that has a reel on...
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    A few projects I have done recently

    Gee maybe they are getting close to building mine, I ordered one in November last year also. I had to cancel the gooseneck hitch because they said it would not be made this year if I wanted one it's an F350 long bed.
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    Thunderbird Yarders, Loaders, and Etc from the Murray's in Eugene Oregon

    I hate thieves, and the problems they cause. Then the judge lets them go, which really burns my rear.
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    Demolition pricing help.

    Very seldom do I give a firm price on demo's, especially old corn cribs. They didn't have a dump truck to bring fill so used concrete, often old machinery pieces for rebar. The county sent me a letter from a job I did 4 years ago saying I didn't get a demo permit for removing concrete. I had...
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    A few projects I have done recently

    Some more great looking workmanship proud of what you do, CM. As you should be, but to many don't seem too!
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    I knew I retired for a reason

    I ordered a F350 about the same time, the only call I got was if you what the gooseneck hitch you won't get the truck this year. Still waiting for a production date, then the bump to latter.
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    Pictures from shop and field

    Thanks for sharing the pictures sure good to see someone doing an overhaul, correctly.
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    First Winter Storm, maybe....

    If my driveway wasn't frozen I packed the snow down and drove on it. Much easier than raking rocks out of the yard in the spring.
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    Any brand log trucks

    When I was there a few years back as I remember the truck and trailer were close to 80K we were hauling 250K of logs. The grade coming down was maximum of 30% it took about 300 gallons of water each trip to cool the brake drums.
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    Why do you rarely see jackhammers and air compressors?

    Years ago there weren't very many hydraulic excavators, which have now dominated the construction industry. They have reduced the need for a hammer that is slow, and makes a lot of noise. I still have a hydraulic hammer that I can put on my skid steer, or my mini excavator. I don't use it...
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    Frozen stuff in tracks

    The fellow I started working for a long time ago, would get a tire burning and pick up the crawler loader and hold over the fire. It made a blackened mess but got the tracks thawed out. I clean out every night and park on tires usually. Much easier to prevent than to clean it up. Don't have...
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    Pictures from shop and field

    Enjoy your pictures and stories especially the old friction cranes. Ran a dragline doing drainage ditches years ago, always been fond of them since!
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    Working the National 1300A

    Looks like he isn't quite ready for you to set all three houses.