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  1. Bumpsteer

    When scooping with the front bucket, how do you avoid just pushing it forward continually?

    And now you know why I bought a 4-1 bucket.... Ed
  2. Bumpsteer

    Making it so the water can run

    Danm....I'll quit complaining about our weather. Nice to know your starting your son early, they catch on quick. A friend did the same thing. He was demoing new trackhoes. The Cat salesman was not happy to have an 11 yo tell him the Deere was better...lol. Ed
  3. Bumpsteer

    How many here know how to do this?

    Our dipstick Fedex driver tried it last month in the small "s" curve at the edge of our woods....did not end well as he dropped a front tire in the ditch and centerpunched a 20" white oak.....lmao. Ed
  4. Bumpsteer

    Bobcat plowing snow

    Many moons ago I made a blade for my 743, re-worked a 6' Western off a Jeep. Had float and pwr angle. Turned out to be an exercise in futility. With a top speed of 5mph one couldn't cast the snow, it would make a big windrow. Go to move it further and it would spill over. Sold it to a friend, he...
  5. Bumpsteer

    Overload of the Day

    A friend used to deliver to GM plants, hurry up and wait, say something, yer screwed. When a forklift operator got him unloaded in a reasonable time, he would slip him a $25 Home Depot gift card....amazing how fast he got unloaded when word got out . Ed
  6. Bumpsteer

    Bobcat 753 - Pulled engine, fixing leaks and fan drive.

    Worth repeating. Bobcat pick-up tubes are junk! By the grace of god mine broke in front of the shop door. Ed
  7. Bumpsteer

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    From what I've found the "new" Big Bud will be a powertrain upgraded model 740, the 2nd largest tractor ever built, using all Cat mining components. At 80k lbs and huge, I'm guessing it's being aimed at the earthmoving side, rather than ag. Not something you'll move easily in rural Michigan....a...
  8. Bumpsteer

    Old FWD snowblower

    Ours was an Oskosh with the Sno-go. Ed
  9. Bumpsteer

    How not to haul an Excavator…..

    RR bridges...people just can't figure out they are usually low and built stronger than a highway bridge. Ed
  10. Bumpsteer

    Need help identifying Dana Spicer axles

    Best bet is to find a Dana parts dealer....call them. Ed
  11. Bumpsteer

    Ford Axle

    Sometimes aftermarket is better. Ed
  12. Bumpsteer

    Blade Tip Angle Plowing snow…

    Not a blade man....but that is set to carry, not cast. Needs to have the top of the moldboard in front of the cutting edge. Ed
  13. Bumpsteer

    Making it so the water can run

    Why aren't you using the Stieger & front blade? Ed
  14. Bumpsteer

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    Lol, no. The clay was so damned hard the field cultivator teeth couldn't dig in. When I did site prep for my shop I couldn't cut the clay....a friend came over, 850 Case dozer. Looked at me..pussy, dropped the blade and gave it hell! Went 2' and spun out.....our ground is like concrete when...
  15. Bumpsteer

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    Yup, ours sure does, every year, heavy clay. Tom showed up one spring to work bean stubble with a field cultivator, went about 200 yards....folded it up and left. Came back with the heavy disk....lol. There was 180 acres near me that got subsoiled last fall, looked like he ripped it around...
  16. Bumpsteer

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    No-till is not as popular here as it was 15 years ago. Lower yeilds and later planting because the ground doesn't dry out without tillage. Vertical and minimum tillage are popular. If you have the hp, hi-speed disks are common. Still a few old school, chisel plow every acre. Seems no 2 farmers...
  17. Bumpsteer

    BC logging equipment left to rust

    Thats known as "structure" to a fisherman...lol Ed
  18. Bumpsteer

    BC logging equipment left to rust

    Those were left so they can log the next growth.... Ed
  19. Bumpsteer

    Ford LRG425 Ignition Modules Discontinued - Ford 4 Cyl Pinto Industrial Engine

    Mine has a distributor.....will still post the info. Ed