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  1. old-iron-habit

    Truck heating up

    A executive from Stant that I was chatting with at a trade show told me that it is tough to get more than three years out of a stat with the bio friendly antifreezes of today. Fortunately, most of the time they stick open.
  2. old-iron-habit

    D8,46A fuel issues?

    Manuals are easily found on Ebay. You should have the Parts Manual, Operators Manual, Serviceman's Reference Manual, and the Engine Manual. If you don't find them one day, they will usually show up in a day or two. If you are a ACMOC member there is also a lot of 'legacy' manuals available to...
  3. old-iron-habit

    D8,46A fuel issues?

    Pull the flat cover of the side of the injection pump. Nothing will fall out. Insure all six vertical plungers are free to move up and down. Take extreme care to not scratch the machined cylindrical surfaces. Use a plier with a good rag softener and be gentle. They usually are not stuck bad at...
  4. old-iron-habit

    Anyone buy hydraulic seals from All States?

    I have used them with good results. I don't believe I have ever replaced a seal that was out because it was a faulty seal. It is normally a bad rod, contamination, 50 years of rust, or some other reason that takes them out.
  5. old-iron-habit

    Overload of the Day

    Not an over load but a un-usual wrecker load. Last Wednesday just as it was getting sundown I drove past a accident site where a fancy Pete with a van trailer piled up into the mountainside about 90 miles west of Tok, Alaska. A completely rolled up pretzel of what appeared to be a larger four...
  6. old-iron-habit

    Overload of the Day

    I always kept the can sealed. It never burned as long as it was sealed. I had a can of chili stretch once but was fine and unburnt after it cooled enough to dare to open. I did have the top blow off of a pop top can of beans that was heating on a Cat engine exhaust manifold in a 9310 American...
  7. old-iron-habit

    A couple of videos of the old wheel dozer

    I will take some next time I get to their yard. If it is in the yard? They use it occasionally to push topsoil off in a couple of gravel pits they own. They had issues getting permits to haul it home when the bought it on auction, so the one son said screw it and just drove it home the125 miles...
  8. old-iron-habit

    A couple of videos of the old wheel dozer

    Nice. A friend has the big brother to yours. A 375 wheel dozer with a 14 ft blade. It was used to push taconite piles in the ship loading facility on Lake Superior at Taconite Harbor, MN. Yours looks to be in very clean shape.
  9. old-iron-habit

    class A revoked for a OUI that I got 15 years ago!!! had class a for 10 months

    Lawyer needs enough pay to grease the right palms. Lots of ways to pay other than hand over cash also.
  10. old-iron-habit

    Truck drifts trailer around corner

    Probably froze with fear and no thought to hit the ditch.
  11. old-iron-habit

    Job coordination gone wrong

    I have had two old Ford snowplow trucks. The hood cutaway was there so the hood could be opened most of the way with the front plow mount on. Could only raise them a few inches with the hood complete. If you are not putting a plow on you are probably fine running a full hood.
  12. old-iron-habit

    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    My next younger brother (Diesel Duck) was a oiler back in the later 70s on a small fleet of scrapers (666s, 660s, DW-20s and 21s and three new 657s) when we were building the power plants and associated work in N.D. He worked afternoon shift and fueled them, greased them, and gave them a good...
  13. old-iron-habit

    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    I would be having a serious visit with all the operators and they would soon know that they had better start looking for something as simple as a plugged radiator if its getting hot. Should be part of their daily machine check.
  14. old-iron-habit

    Detroit 3-53 Fuel Pressure:

    You mentioned that some of the fuel lines have been replaced. Make sure the lines from the gear pump to the secondary filter are rated to hold the pump pressure. They were usually steel from new. I found one which had a rubber carburetor low pressure rated fuel line instead that collapsed on the...
  15. old-iron-habit

    TOO Complicated for words

    If you listen to the greenies, they tell everyone just how great the just in time "lean" delivery system is working. They are quick to point out that there are now few obsolete manufactured parts getting tossed out. They can't see beyond their nose to see all the prematurely junked vehicles and...
  16. old-iron-habit

    Readying for the KW

    Had 4 friends driving across the border to Canada ice fishing the other day. We are required to have a negative Covid test within 3 days of travel. One of the 4 guys tested positive. He felt fine but called his doctor for treatment advice. His doc told him to go back to Walgrens where he had got...
  17. old-iron-habit

    No.1 diesel

    Our highway and off-road diesel pumps used to have a dial to change the mix from 100% #2 to 75/25, 50/50, 25/75 or straight number 1. Now everybody has two separate pumps, and you have to guess at how many gallons of each you will need to fill your tanks with the mix you need based on the...
  18. old-iron-habit

    horn like sound when engine revs

    Nice when we get to hear what the problem was. Thank you for posting that. It will help somebody down the road.
  19. old-iron-habit

    Cat 830mb. (Ex military)

    You might find the manuals you are looking for on the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Bulletin Board (ACMOC). In the Members Section there are now tons of no longer produced "Legacy Manuals" that have been posted to the board for the member's benefit. Per the agreement they can be...
  20. old-iron-habit

    Late model truck totalled

    If it had any care at all it would sell at 35 to 40K here.