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  1. still learn'n

    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    Look up Mike Mitchell on YouTube. They pull big air seeders and don't hardly have enough hp to pull on their hills. I read somewhere that they were planning on using 988 cat loader axles. I have thought about this and wondered why they would use loader axles and not use 773 truck axles or...
  2. still learn'n

    Pictures from shop and field

    Good to see pics again. Could you post some of your truck and how you like it by now? Changes to it? Thanks
  3. still learn'n

    some work pictures

    Tom V how do you like the service body by now? Care to share a review on what you do and dont like? I talked to a Teamco salesman the other day so i was looking for input.
  4. still learn'n

    New service truck

    CM1995 what happens if the commercial driver has dash cam video of what happens in a situation of a fender bender and video footage that it wasn't commercial drivers fault? I have a friend that drives his own truck and got a dash cam because of somebody brake checking him and then getting...
  5. still learn'n

    279C2 Won't Start

    We have changed electric fuel pump several times on our 299D. I don't know if your machine would be the same or not.
  6. still learn'n

    Why drop belly guards.?

    I do kinda like queenslander said. I have a cable made up that I run under the machine and hook onto something on the other side and then it helps to put a block between cable and pan and then hook to crane winch off of service truck.
  7. still learn'n

    Service Truck organization

    My drawers already have plenty of stuff in them is the problem. I could probably reorganize some stuff I don't use very often and make some room. I have seen those racks before that go in toolbox drawers and wondered how the powered tools would hold up to being hung in something like that...
  8. still learn'n

    Service Truck organization

    Specifically battery powered toolsI would like to organize this mess but haven't been able to find a good way yet. Any solutions or ideas? Is there somebody that makes a good option or does everyone make there own?
  9. still learn'n

    JCB 530 Steering

    After doing more digging found that somebody had run a jumper wire with a separate fuse to the front sensor and that wire had got broke where it went over the driveshaft. After getting that all back together it all works now. It appeared like somehow they had run the back sensor thru the same...
  10. still learn'n

    Portable press

    Depends what you are calling portable. I made a h style press where I work I would transport it wherever I needed it if I had to. I also made another press that uses the all thread I use in my hollow ram. It has holes in 1" plate that are braces so I can either use 3 or 4 rods whatever I need...
  11. still learn'n

    JCB 530 Steering

    My father has a JCB 530 with 4 wheel steering that isn't working. Checking the proximity sensors and was wondering on the sensor plug there is a black, red, & Blue wire. What is hot and which is ground? Is it supposed to have 12 volts to the sensor and then a ground? That is what I figured but...
  12. still learn'n

    A few projects I have done recently

    Looks good CM1995. Per your ideas with making a bucket with removable teeth I built one a couple years ago and the guys on our crew really like it. It has held up a lot better then a regular bucket. The next weak point is where the quick attach hooks up the top flat bar in the bucket where the...
  13. still learn'n

    Just some work pics

    Nice tool for lifting the plates. Just curious why they need such heavy plate on an entrance? Something real heavy going on top?
  14. still learn'n

    Deere 850J LGP grousers

    Has anybody welded on new grousers? If so what is the process? Does the old one get cut off some to get squared up? New bars that were priced to me were 3/4" and 7/8" thick. Clears on dozer and end are less than 1/2" thick so do they get cut off so the total cleat height would be same as new ones?
  15. still learn'n

    Fleet Managemant Software

    The ones I have looked at are Fleetsoft Fleetio Vinity Soft Trimble also makes one but haven't got much info on it. The problem I have now is having parts in different places and we have some drawer cabinets and I don't have any idea what all is in them so would like to know what is in...
  16. still learn'n

    Fleet Managemant Software

    I am looking for a fleet management software. We have all the main equipment for earthmoving work along with a few trucks. What I am really wanting is parts inventory management software with barcodes to be able to look up parts we have on hand. Was looking at the different ones online and not...
  17. still learn'n

    Volvo A40d Dropbox

    All that tooling would be needed to swap the one that's in there with a reman?
  18. still learn'n

    Volvo A40d Dropbox

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know how many hours it takes to swap them out? Our truck had an updated Dropbox from what it came from the factory so probably wouldn't know if it had the updates or not?
  19. still learn'n

    Volvo A40d Dropbox

    Our Dropbox is bad in our truck if I get a reman how hard are they to change? I'm headed to look at the truck right now. Our dealer was out the other day and pulled the plug and it had shaving all over in the oil. Are most of the reman sellers fairly good options? Reman from Volvo is $13k...
  20. still learn'n

    850 J cooling fan air flow direction?

    We have an 850J serial # 153368 and im quite positive the air from fan goes toward blade because we have had several hoses blow on the machine and didn't clean the oil out of belly pan and the oil got sucked thru the radiaters also all the junk that was plugging up the radiater was on the engine...