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  1. J

    Caterpillar 390F L

    Thats the inlet side of the turbo? Air cleaner plugged or something restricted in that department
  2. J

    In Search of a Hydraulic Clutch for lift on a 1990 Ford F350

    https://coastalhyd.com/pitts-13818-electric-clutch/ Not cheap but looks available
  3. J

    320 Excavator Shipment

    Video showing it done not a 10 min job better have the right guys on both ends but defiantly doable
  4. J

    3408 generator end removal

    There are going to be flywheel or flexplate bolts to take out that you will have to reach under some covers
  5. J

    Question on Starter for 4-53 Detroit

    It can get to be hard to say with that old stuff is the starter marked 24v or how are you sure its 24 and are things working now ? A 4-53 isnt hard to crank and really wouldnt need 24v
  6. J

    John Deere 700j air conditioning fitting

    Good news then you don't have any use for the high side fitting You will be charging from the low side fitting it is the smaller of the two
  7. J

    John Deere 700j air conditioning fitting

    If it does unscrew you can probaly find one on amazon after checking the threads, Unless you have a certain need I hardly ever use the high side fittings You could splice in a new port if your feeling handy https://coldhose.com/collections/fittings
  8. J

    My experience importing used Japanese excavators from China

    Thanks for sharing your experience its about what I guessed it would be whenever something catches my eye on ali Must have had somekind of EPA sticker that they made it in ? hopefully you can get them fixed up and get some work out of them what ever they are
  9. J

    Another Chinese excavator thread

    Why would you risk that kind of money ? A used Cat or other big brand is better than a offbrand is the simple way to say it
  10. J

    Ran out of diesel

    I dont know the machine I think they have a 3306 engine ? unually pretty easy to get those to start Find your primer pump unscrew the knob and pump until you hear fuel returning to the tank have someone work the starter may help while your pumping dont over heat the starter just give it some...
  11. J

    Looking for information on the wings or whatever they would be called mounted on the ends of mold boards to contain the gravel to the width of blade

    Super simple set up that we have used for years when laying out gravel on roads No power just throw it back into the rack when done defiantly not for snow
  12. J

    First Lowboy Hire, Question about Loading/Unloading

    Not to crazy at all you would be amazed how much lift a nice block of wood behind the trailer would give you Usually the driver wants to put it on himself but may not have had much experience in that type of machine and with it being new to you probably felt a little scary
  13. J

    Diesel additive for summer

    Really nothing needed but you probaly dont use to much fuel so a splash of additive costs nothing and makes you feel better go for it In the course of the summer we stuff about 100,000 gallons though antique engines with no trouble some injectors pumps have 40000 hrs on them without being touched
  14. J

    Broken rear axle Mack dump truck

    If you can lock the power divider and see what spins usually shorts out pretty quick what area is broke I usually have to pull both to knock the stubs out thank goodness we don't need as many as Jumbo did
  15. J

    AIM hydraulic quick coupler too wide for thumb - how to shave 10mm off the inside of the thumb ears

    I'm guessing the coupler side would be easiest to put on a mill if you can find a machinist If it needs to be quick and dirty a cutting wheel on a 6 inch grinder and try your best 3m disks are the best spendy but well worth it...
  16. J


    I think a sit down with the service manager would be in order I have never had injectors done without there being a discussion on cost and pros and cons of replacing the cups yes it adds cost but it should have been an informed decision Water pump failure may or may not be related to fuel in...
  17. J

    Replacement bushings have the wrong groove pattern for grease to flow

    Should work nice that way Just as a note when I replaced bushings on 320 cat also a center greasing cavity the bushings are just dimpled no groves and grease still pushes though and to the outside
  18. J

    Drilling tricks for work hardening

    Here is a theory for you check closely to see if the frog has been repaired especially means you said it was to the middle it got hard someone may have replaced it with different material the old bush fix was to weld on a old cutting edge to replace the frog, some snowplow edges have plain round...
  19. J

    Opinions wanted on old class 8 dump trucks for local dirt and gravel hauling

    Given those two choices I would do the Ford hands down even though the Ford dosnt have much dealer support they are still very easy to keep going and find parts for new or used the GMC was a odd duck even when new I love Allison autos but in that vintage of old farm truck I would take the 8ll