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    Old meets New

    Hope you were able to get at least one time in fishing, I hear up that way its amazing
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    Atlantic Transport Training Academy

    I took that same course in the summer of 2006 pretty decent entery level program. How did you do and did you find any work from it? I know in my class I believe I'm the only one who is still in construction lol Happy to see another NB'er on here
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    Pictures of your Backhoe!!!!!

    No payments are the best payments :drinkup
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    Are IT attachments interchangeable between brands?

    I've ran a 3yrd bucket off an IT28G on a 420D IT a few times as a snow bucket
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    Hard Hat Sticker wanted.

    The safety people around here seem to promote no stickers since as said above the adhesive in the glue breaks down the plastic over time i guess,the funny ironic part is by taking part in that safety course i was given a sticker for my hardhat :rolleyes: Mostly see company sickers and...
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    TEREX backhoes

    I always liked the looks of the Massey's like the H series very meat and potatos type machines
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    Where are the labororers?

    As a kid the teachers always said smarten up or you'll be digging ditches the rest of your life....guess they were right ;)
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    Which brand excavator do you like the most?

    1. Any with a stereo 2. Any that won't blow hydraulic lines every 3 days lol 3. Any machine with heat ;)
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    New TD40 pics

    Those new Dressta's look sharp
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    Kubota M59

    This might be the best of both worlds,do everything the NH can do and be small enough to no longer need the smaller equipment meaning less overhead for you and cheaper to operate and stay competitive in tough times
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    Kubota M59

    Wajax is the JCB dealer around here in NB possibly the same in BC? As for hoses,guy up the road from me has a 1700B he once told me he gets his hoses and filters from princess auto,other option would be UAP they did hoses for our Volvo and Hitachi excavators maybe see if they can be of help
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    Case 580G???

    Found 1 on Kijiji interesting machine but a bit overpriced... http://saintjohn.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAdLargeImage?AdId=92457059&img=http%3A%2F%2Fkijiji.ebayimg.com%2Fi5%2F06%2Fk%2F000%2F7e%2F8f%2F96fd_18.JPG&back=-1...
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    excavator of your choice

    Volvo...better competitive price,best on fuel and gave us a 4 year warranty no questions asked.
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    Jonyang wheel excavator

    Is it me or does it have the looks of a Poclain?
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    Cat 225...switcing from Cat to Deere controls?

    A 225 excavator.... By a Deere pattern I'm guessing its most known as "backhoe controlls" ? now I don't wanna sound rude but it might be cheaper all around to take your 225 out to a field somewhere and practice the other pattern I too started on "backhoe" style patterns and ever since I've...
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    D7R Bad Operator?

    Its not pushing his weight around if she is trashing the equipment since we all know that a tranny is not that cheap. Might be time maybe shes put on a roller and follow behind you seeing how it SHOULD look and why its easier for her if you do a decent job,not a mess like she was creating...
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    Lady Marion on the move

    Ah ok remember dad saying something about Harold and NB Coal years ago and draglines so had to ask.
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    Lady Marion on the move

    Wasn't Knox involved with one of those 2 cranes somehow by owning or being part owner?
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    what loader would be best

    I gotta agree with the old Michigan/Clark loaders say a 75 B or C,parts are cheap unlike Cat's,and best bang for your buck since most are under $20,000 in decent shape.
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    Sewer Pics/ PC 400

    I guess I'm dumb so can any of the posters who said that machine was abused and worn out please tell me how it is? I sometimes run a 200 Hitachi dash 3 at work and its much more worse than that 400 in the pictures,if that machine is worn out I guess our 96' should be sent to the scrappers cuz...