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  1. J

    Bobcat 331 fuel issues

    That is good that it was a relatively easy fix.
  2. J

    Bobcat 331 fuel issues

    We had to take the floor pan up in the cab to get to the sending unit. That is how we had to work on everything. It was not easy by any means. Good Luck
  3. J

    Bobcat 331 fuel issues

    I had the same issue with my 2004 430 ZHS. We drained the tank & open the top of the tank & found, what looked like, soybeans in the tank. I am not sure what they were but they were plugging up the pickup tube. we had to use a shopvac to get them out. It is a pain to get to all the areas of the...
  4. J

    Chicago passes another ordinance

    Looks like no older Terex scrapers or dozers will be allowed in Chi-Town.
  5. J

    What to do with used rubber tracks?

    I have a set that broke off my 430 BC. I dug a trench & laid them on edge & made a half circle sand box for my son.
  6. J

    Parts for bobcat excavators

    Check out S. Cohn & sons. They have been great to deal with on undercarriage parts for my 430.
  7. J

    CONEXPO 2011 - Vegas Mar 22 - 26 2011 - Anyone?

    Just got my name tags in the mail. After the winter that we have had, I am counting the days until I can get away.
  8. J

    Con Agg/Expo

    We will be heading out from Monday till Thursday. I just got my VIC package from Topcon & am ready to go out on their card one night.
  9. J

    I hate thieves !

    We were out salting for the City of Indianapolis 2 weeks ago & they had to bring cops in & guard the salt piles. we pulled up to get our first load & they had already stolen about 10 tons. We had people walking over filling coolers, trash bags & one guy even shoveled his pick up half full.
  10. J

    CONEXPO 2011 - Vegas Mar 22 - 26 2011 - Anyone?

    I just booked my rooms today & am waiting for my package from Topcon for the show. I have a friend that works for Topcon so we are getting a VIP package from them.
  11. J

    Tree saw

    The only thing about the Bobcat saw that I didn't like wa sthat it had nothing to keep the tree from falling on the machine. If we do get one then we will be building something for this purpose. We had a Marshall saw out there today & I was impressed with how it worked but it is too heavy for my...
  12. J

    Tree saw

    I am trying to get Bobcat to find one of their saws for me to demo. I spoke with the guy that builds them & he was very informative. Hopefully we have one this week to try out on a job.
  13. J

    Hit a rock with this!!!

    They had one sitting along I-70 this fall at Mt. comfort road. I seen it sitting more than anything.
  14. J

    Tree saw

    I am looking at getting a tree saw for my skid steer. I hav ebeen looking at the turbo-saw & like how it operates with the rotating head. Anyone have any experience with these style saws. I don't want a shear becuase we have to cut the trees flush at the ground & treat them.
  15. J

    Well, it was going to happen soon or later

    That looked like a cable TV line. I have cut those with a shovel. I always call the locate people before we do a job but sometimes it just happens.
  16. J

    Replacement Rubber Tracks

    I picked them up at Ward equipment in Greensburg, IN & paid $850 with tax out the door.
  17. J

    Replacement Rubber Tracks

    I just bought a Prowler track for my BC430 & am impressed with how it has worked so far. I have only put about 30 hours on it so far so no long term opinion yet.
  18. J

    2011 Con Agg Expo

  19. J

    2011 Con Agg Expo

    I know it is still early but just checking to see who is planning on going. We have our rooms booked & getting ready to get the flights taken care of.
  20. J

    New Holland 160 ???

    The machine was in Georgia but it has already sold so I guess I will keep my eyes open again.