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    Cat HEUI pump failure

    Generally, I liked to sample fuel transport tanks BEFORE they broke the seals and unloaded. I tried to always have someone of my maintenance crew present when the trucks arrived. My guy observed the truck driver break the topside hatch seals and then drew samples off the bottom of the tank...
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    Cat HEUI pump failure

    That's why you sample every load of fuel you get, John. I got caught out with fuel problems in a couple of states and learned this vital lesson. Fuel testing costs a hell of a lot less then paying $33,000.00 for a new injector pump and six nozzles, plus labor and all that. I should imaging it...
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    Cat HEUI pump failure

    First experienced trouble with a Cat HEUI pump in 1988. These pumps do NOT like nor tolerate water or dirt in fuel! Expensive to repair or replace, plus all the labor cleaning out the lines, not to mention likely replacing the injectors. Then there is the downtime as well. Cat has never had the...
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    Check with the service Rep or shop people at your local Cat house. They SHOULD be happy to help...

    Check with the service Rep or shop people at your local Cat house. They SHOULD be happy to help you with the information you are looking for. Same for John Deere. Dealer people can always get what ever info you need. Good Luck.
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    Older D8 Dozers were well known for the pump seals failing. Common problem with D9's as well...

    Older D8 Dozers were well known for the pump seals failing. Common problem with D9's as well. Fortunately, the pump is very easy to get at and change out.
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    M R S Scraper 18-yard parts?

    Helen, you are better off staying as far away as you can get from any MRS 110. Even when brand new these machines were prone to constant and never-ending breakdowns right out of the box. Unless you have deep pockets full of money and a high tolerance for frustration and vexation, look for...
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    IH 175B The Beast!

    One more thought. It's possible that the transmission or torque converter are leaking around their shaft seals too. The result would be the same, that is, their oil would over-pressure the starter seal and infiltrate the inner works.
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    IH 175B The Beast!

    I can't remember if the bell-housing on the 175 is wet or dry. But if it is supposed to be dry, then what is likely happening is that the engine rear main seal is worn out or damaged and engine oil is getting into the bell-housing and over-pressuring it. The oil then forces it's way into the...
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    Old Poclain Excavator

    It's a long shot, but Dewind used to be the #1 Poclain dealer in the USA. (1960's/1970's) It's remotely possible that they may still have some Poclain manuals stacked up in their parts or service office. I don't know if it's possible, but if you did a download on that manual that's in French...
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    moving scraper down road ?

    In the seventies, I helped move Cat 651B's all over Wyoming. It was a common practice then. We used scraper dollies, or roaded them when it was a short distance. As I recall, the Dolly's were made by Cozad of California, but Trail-King might too, or they may have been made by some one else as...
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    Burning Your Waste Oil In Your Engine???

    I used a lot of waste diesel engine oil as a fuel back in the late 80's and early 90's in mostly Caterpillar and some Komatsu and Hough equipment. I didn't have any trouble with it as we used about a 15-20% ratio of waste oil to #2 diesel fuel mixture. It did plug up fuel filters a bit faster...
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    Stuck! How to get it unstuck!

    It's a Komatsu. Let er sink!
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    HUSQVARNA or Stihl chainsaw poll

    I've owned several saws over the years, Pioneer, McCulloch, Remington, a Sachs-Dolmar KMS 4 -- probably the single most powerful and least vibration saw that I personally owned. The Sachs with the Wankel engine was a pure joy to operate. Ate any kind of wood without slowing down a bit and was by...
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    Why Caterpillar's profits are plummeting

    Mining markets in China and Australia are both down causing some slippage on equipment orders. Mining in the USA and Canada also down a bit. Large machine use for highway and dam construction is practically non-existent. Caterpillar quit being a worker oriented company in 1975 or soon after...
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    International dozer

    Long way to ship, but Modern Machinery in Missoula, Montana may be able to help.
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    Parts for Galion T500L Motor Grader

    I don't know for sure if Komatsu dealers might still stock some parts for Galions. Worth a try. I don't know if Dressta does either. The RD 200C EXTRA looks very similiar to the 500. Try these guys in your area: ABILENE NEW HOLLAND www.abilenenewholland.com 1358 SOUTH TREADAWAY ABILENE, TX...
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    New Glass on CAT Dozer

    The molding a common part that Cat sells, or you can purchase it from most glass dealers that handle heavy equipment. Note: The molding sold by cat is more expensive. Also thicker and more durable.
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    Dart 600C

    Yes, you probably should. They have not been manufactured for a long time and other than transmission and engine parts, I don't know who would have anything for the machine itself or service. These were not the greatest loader even when they were somewhat new. I rode herd on one in Colorado and...
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    D10/D11 cushion blades

    The pushin-cushions were designed mainly to allow the push-cats to fit into the cut behind the scraper. With outside roller frame mounts, the push-arms would stick out too far, besides which having one or more push-cats (4-800+ HP) behind the first one tended to be very hard on final drive...
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    Build your own hydraulic oil filter cart

    Best pump to use is a small air-powered trash pump. Aro used to make them, but I believe Ingersol-Rand took them over. Grainger has them. Trouble with any other pump is that trash in dirty oil ruins them quickly. I made the mistake of using a gear pump years ago when I made a hydraulic filter...