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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    Still have models available. Call or Text (812) 480-0992
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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    I've had several ask about selling individual pieces. Let me know I'm willing to sell pieces or by groups whatever your looking for.
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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    Call/text (812) 480-0992 For info or pics, serious inquires only
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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    I'd like to sell it as a package.
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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    Norscot Cat 657G Scraper Ertl Cat 631E Ertl Cat D10N w/ pull scraper 631 Norscot...
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    1:50 scale construction model collection for sale

    All 1:50 scale model collection for sale. 80 models all together Lots of excavators and dozers, loaders, scrapers, off road trucks, graders, high lifts, pipe side booms, picker crane, tub grinder, tri axle dumptruck, lube trucks, several lowboys. CCM, Tmc, Wsi, Nzg, Norscot, First Gear...
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    Who makes Gehl Excavators

    Like mentioned the old ones were made by wacker. The newer ones I believe are made by Yanmar. Same with Mustang.
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    Residential estimating

    I've got a client wanting to fill in a valley next to their yard to create more flat useable space. I think the people are dreaming cause it figures up to about 80 tri axle loads of dirt. This is not commercial job with plans, just having to go out and measure up (nothing is flat all valley...
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    Komatsu skid steers

    I've put quit a few hours on a CK35. They are a decent machine, push like a tank, good lift capabilities, Yanmar motor can't beat, we had 2 and put at least 3-4000 hours on each and other than a final drive no real problems. Quick attach handles are junk and break off all the time, bucket...
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    My Tl130 will do that every once in a while. I stick my finger between the sensor and the lap bar piece and wipe it off the best you can and it will start working. One time I unscrewed the sensor and cleaned it. I think the sensor will get cob webs or picks up on dust and dirt build up...
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    "D" Series Loader

    The D Series Cat track loader have been out now for 8 yrs roughly, curious to hear from anyone that has spend much time on one with the joystick steering how the like them and how the response is and any other pros or cons. People don't like "change", I've always ran the V-steer for years and...
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    new takeuchi tl10v2 and updated radial lift tl12r2

    Kind of disappointing that the TL10v2 only has 74hp compared to the TL10 that has 92hp. The TL8 has 74, I guess they did that to do away with emissions.
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    looking for a land leveler or rake

    I'm no landscaper but do put in a few yards, I've got a eliminater rake that I use even to finish grade with. A lot of times I'll rough grade a yard out and then rake it just to give it a nice look (probably more my OCD). For house lots and small yards it does good, but larger areas a harley...
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    Takeuchi TL12 tracks question

    Go ahead replace them now! I'm still upset with myself. Mine spit out a metal link a couple of months ago and my tight ass thought I could maybe go all summer before replacing track, they were shot anyway. Well a week ago on a rush job, the track broke, so not only it cost me a track, but a...
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    Track time! Hiqual, McLaren, Camso?

    Anybody got anymore experience or knowledge of the Hiqual tracks? I know that CNH is using them on their machines now, so I would think they would be a decent track, but haven't found much feedback on them.
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    CAT Hybrid?

    A couple of months a ago I came across something on EBay a guy was making and selling quick attach plates to go on mini's just like the Cat. He had a video demonstrating his Kubota 121 it showed a 4n1 bucket, forks and even a harley rake which he hooked into his auxiliary lines on the stick...
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    Mud sticking to my bucket

    I've never done it, but guy told me, weld a small clevis just above bucket pin on stick and hook chain to it and then weld other end down by teeth or lip of bucket and make chain just the right length so you can curl bucket all the way back and chain will tighten up and pull dirt out. You...
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    Takeuchi TB125 bucket search help

    A Tb125 will handle a 24" just fine as long as he stays in his class of machine which on a wain Roy for a 125 i would assume would be a 4x8 hole in the back. I've rain 30-36" bucket on 125's before. That add you posted looks like a 24" for a backhoe with a 7x10 hole.
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    7-8 Ton Machine Swing or Fixed Boom

    Takeuchi as updated the 180fr to the 280fr, so I would assume they are working on a update of the 138 and 153. I've got a 138 and I can see we're making it tier 4 complaint would be a tight pain in the butt. Only complaint I can say on machine is engine compartment is tight and even hard to...
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    Bobcat 743 attachment problems

    Close willie, the 743 I had you pushed the right joystick outward to operate attachment.