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  1. farmboy555

    36” ditching bucket - Wanted- Kentucky

    Looking for used 36” ditching-clean up bucket for my yanmar vio 35 with pin grabber 35-40mm pins. Located in Ky thanks
  2. farmboy555

    Yanmar excavator warranty transferable?

    Yanmar excavators now have a 4 yr-4000 hrs warranty. Are they transferable if I purchased one?
  3. farmboy555

    Kato equipment? Any reviews

    I’ve seen them, think they replaced the iHi equipment Anyone own a Kato excavator? Thanks
  4. farmboy555

    Pics of your mini!

  5. farmboy555

    Hot water pressure washer Brand Best ?

    Thanks for the replies and onfo
  6. farmboy555

    Hot water pressure washer Brand Best ?

    Looking for some reviews / suggestions on washer & chemicals to clean my trucks & equipment Thanks
  7. farmboy555

    Vinyl excavator cab?

    I had one made fo my Yanmar vio55, think the company was in jersey Maybe $800. about 3 yrs ago
  8. farmboy555

    Hydro - Vacuum Excavation Trailer

    Didn’t know where to put this post Anyone have or use them? Looks like they may become the machine for excavating around utilities water, gas, electric fiber optic’s etc May consider trying it out. Thanks
  9. farmboy555

    Spectra LR60 or LR50 ?

    Thanks for the info, nothing like a hands on review
  10. farmboy555

    Wain Roy vs Werk Brau mechanical quick couplers on mini excavators

    I have 2 Yanmar’s with pin grabber, be lost without it
  11. farmboy555

    IDigbest System?

    So what type system (basic or it controls the machine) what did you install it on?
  12. farmboy555

    Spectra LR60 or LR50 ?

    Looking at the specs on them. My question is the angle compensation on the LR60 worth the extra money?
  13. farmboy555

    Considering a Bobcat excavator

    I have 2 Yanmar’s with pin grabber quick couplers, I’d look at them if you have a dealer close
  14. farmboy555

    I recently started my own company and need some guidance please!!!

    I’ve never lost a dime on a job I didn’t get !! With that being said don’t worry about what the other guy is charging Word of mouth will be all the advertising you’ll ever need if you do a good job and show up on schedule
  15. farmboy555

    Which new 5ton mini??

    I have a vio 20 and vio55 Yanmar’s no complaints here probably be adding a vio35 soon
  16. farmboy555

    Yanmar Vio20-2 breaker hammer?

    I just order a manual I also have a vio55 with a breaker and it has a dedicated foot pedal for breaker
  17. farmboy555

    Yanmar Vio20-2 breaker hammer?

    I don’t have a operator manual. Planning on getting a breaker hammer for it. Any certain way the hydraulic hoses should be hooked up / correct flow direction? It has a rocker foot pedal for the aux hydraulic control Push it right or left?
  18. farmboy555

    BK-08 hydraulic breaker?

    Looking at a breaker hammer BK-08 is the only markings on it? Can anyone ID
  19. farmboy555

    How to replace drive chains on a bobcat skid steer loader?

    When the chain breaks. It will probably ball up between the case and sprocket and lock the wheel up Be money ahead if you go ahead and find the problem