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    Cat key switch

    Hello! I'm sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, I haven't been on here for a while. I'm wondering if anyone has a part number for a Caterpillar key switch with 4 positions? Glowplug, Off, On, Start ? I think that would be 4 positions? I know they make one, just can't find one on the...
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    New dump trailer

    Nice trailer! I like the location of the drop down jacks on the back, looks really thought through, alot better than where their at on our trailer. Also like the location of the stake pockets, nice!
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    New dump trailer

    We have a 14' 14,000 lb load trail, nice trailer, got it in trade for a job we did. Don't use it a lot, but it is handy. It has a roll up tarp, which is nice, power up and down, which as mentioned above can get aggravating when the battery is low. I suppose maybe it is to pull it down if you...
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    Working in Alaska pictures

    Hey alaskaforby4, neat pictures! Always thought the gravel pit side would be a nice niche and addition to excavating work. You can keep that cold though :) We have liners in both our tandems, mainly for wet clay and silt in the summer. We love them! Usually the load is sliding out a lot...
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    Dash Cams

    Hey Willie59, I dont know much about dash cams, so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is it going all the time? Or does it somehow take one of those jolts to start the video? If it records all the time, how much video time do you get off a 30 gig card? I think its a great idea...
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    Excavator purchase advice

    One other thing, around here, the excavator usually makes the water and sewer connections, if you need a licensed plumber to do that, that might be part of the cost? We also have to get bonded with the individual cities we dig in, I dont know about your area, but it might be something else...
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    Just some work pics

    Are all the floors precast panels? Do they hook together somehow or do they just sit side by side? Always enjoy the pics! I dont work around cranes, just dirt stuff, but find all the crane stuff fascinating. Lot of knowledge and planning behind the scenes that I never really thought about before!
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    Excavator purchase advice

    I would think you could move that grade assist to another machine if you wanted to, right? I mean, if the kobelco didnt work out, you could take if off and use it on a different machine or sell the system?
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    Dump trailer build

    Looks good cm! I like your trailer rack idea, that would be pretty handy! Sorry if i missed it, but are you going to do a steel floor or wood? We're the same way here, any structural steel never gets scrapped, the only problem is keeping it organized :)
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    Just some work pics

    Thats pretty cool crane op ! How do you know how big of a tree section you can handle at once?
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    Torque Multiplier, lug nut remover

    Hey crane operator, do you think a guy could use this on hydraulic cylinder nuts ? Does the "arm" have to rest against what your trying to loosen? Like the tire rim?
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    cat 830mb veitnam scrapper

    Sounds like these fellas have you going in the right direction, so hope this doesn't confuse you more :) We have a Clark 290m, (same sort of style of military scraper tractor as your 830) and the bowl lift/lower circuit has a float position, just something to keep in mind when your testing. I...
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    How Did You Find Us?

    I looked at and read stuff on here for a long time, finally got around to joining :) My brothers a member, guess he finally bugged me enough:) Lots of good info on here, if i'm looking up something equipment related i usually look here first.
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    New Member from MI

    Hi Catboy374! Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello everyone!