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  1. Junkyard

    Series 50 rebuild cost

    Inflation here is a real thing too. Causes are debatable but the truth is our dollar is worth less than it was a few years ago and stuff costs more.
  2. Junkyard

    Series 50 rebuild cost

    The major truck dealerships and equipment dealers are all over $200 an hour. Ag dealers are less. Independents are all over the map. Some have a small toolbox in the trunk of their car lol. I’m around half of the major dealers. I have a yard, shop, service truck and specialty tooling. Have...
  3. Junkyard

    Series 50 rebuild cost

    That seems high but not necessarily ridiculously high. I just did an out of frame on a C12 that dropped two valves and ate two lobes off the cam. I did have several days in fixing previous neglect and shade tree work not related to the actual engine build and I had $20k in labor. I didn’t buy...
  4. Junkyard

    what to do and what not to do when a engine runs on its own?

    I’ve only had a 6-71 runaway on me. One we pulled out of the weeds to be checked out for a repower. I just pulled the fuel hose out of the 5 gallon jug I was using. I’ve yet to see one violently self destruct in person but I know it’s a real thing. Anything I’ve ever started fresh I always...
  5. Junkyard

    First Lowboy Hire, Question about Loading/Unloading

    Pretty common to load like that. It’s a mechanical detach and his truck is setup for it but with the trailer built like it is with the 17.5’s there’s not much difference between rear loading and front. By the pic I’d say it’s a Cozad 16 tire trunion.
  6. Junkyard

    Supercharged Cummins NHRS W/Onan generator

    I have some old Cummins stuff, looks like it was printed shortly after the Declaration of Independence. I’ll see if there’s coverage for that old girl.
  7. Junkyard


    How is the fan driven in that machine? I’ve worked on Soilmec and IMTs and have seen a mixture of belt and hydraulic driven based on layout etc. If you have access to an infrared thermometer take temps at the inlet and outlet of the radiator. That will tell us if the water is moving through...
  8. Junkyard


    Ray Charles welded that with his feet.
  9. Junkyard

    The upcoming generation

    Drugs absolutely FUBARS their minds. My in-laws have some members with past drug use/abuse. It’s interesting to me the parts of their brains it affects. Short term memory, problem solving etc. One of them works for/with me. I know his history and shortcomings and assign tasks accordingly...
  10. Junkyard

    Just another day in paradise

    Any signs that the operator or company did something to cover a mistake on their end? Does it have a remote filter? What’s it got for a cooler? Was there a failure of an ancillary system that starved it of oil due to a leak somewhere?
  11. Junkyard

    Just another day in paradise

    I just built a C12 for a dump truck. I didn’t need to see this lol. I feel for ya man. It happens. I have pondered how I’d handle it if one went sideways. I’m truly torn between my reputation and the lack of parts quality. I did get everything for this through the local KW dealer. I have...
  12. Junkyard

    Budd and hub pilot...

    I’ve seen it done, I don’t know what all he used for tooling but it was done. IIRC Johnny Moore in TX had built a super 13 or a 19 with some axles he had which were budd. Couldn’t find wheels that weren’t stupid $$. That many wheel ends getting swapped would have also been $$. So he got a...
  13. Junkyard

    TL10 V2 Battery drains.

    I was gonna say GPS. Had that issue on a crane a few years ago. Glad you found it, not sure how I missed the original post on the 15th. I guess I’m slackin lol
  14. Junkyard

    Mack MP8 DEF system not building pressure

    Is there an electrical issue making it think it should purge like the engine has been shut off?
  15. Junkyard


    It worked for me, I saved a copy of it.
  16. Junkyard

    0pinions on Equipment Unlimited in Oklahoma

    At the top there’s a little flag, you can use it to call their attention to the add as a scam or whatever. If enough people track down their ads and flag them it’ll at least get them off CL. I think there’s more to it, I’ll dig a little deeper.
  17. Junkyard

    0pinions on Equipment Unlimited in Oklahoma

    Just spitballing here….after some bs threats like that we could have a lot of fun on CL knocking off his ads and making people aware of this shady crap. Dude ain’t even from here I’d wager.
  18. Junkyard

    Mustang 440 skidsteer V6?

    I wonder if it’s an industrial 4.3 like you’d find in a forklift. If so and assuming it’s more or less as it was born it shouldn’t turn more than 3,000 rpm give or take. Heck that motor will outlast the entire machine and leave you a power plant for something else. You almost can’t kill those...
  19. Junkyard

    Crazy truck prices

    Low mile trucks always make me want to see hours. Lots of oil field trucks with low miles but 10-12k hours. That idle time concerns me more than mileage.