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    Just another day in paradise

    Did you find cause of failure? Just throwing ideas that maybe stuff you already covered. Did you check the oil pressure connector tube and the pickup tube fo4 cracks and pickup tube oring?
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    John Deere 4045 HPCR Low Engine Power

    The blinking light is probably your check engine light. Does it start flash as soon as you power on?
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    John Deere 4045 HPCR Low Engine Power

    I find some of the jd engines in industrial equipment use a J1939 and can be tapped into with most scanners . It sounds like it is in a derate condition. Without the scanner you could disconnect the return line out of the rail and run, there should be no fuel exiting through the rail relief...
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    AC pressure readings and problem with dealer.

    To hell with trying to get them to fix it. The amount of down time , I would just put the new thermostat switch in it and move on. I thing this thread has let you know what is wrong with it. The ac cools till the core freezes. Then will work agaiin briefly after it melts. If you could see...
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    450j sputters at start up

    Also check all the grommets on the fuel supply side. Between the filters to the supply pump all the way to the injection pump
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    Tigercat 920

    I am not always a TC fan , but have been around them since the beginning. A closer inspection will probably reveal a very robust machine with large pins and quality cylinder and heavy guarding and good service access and excellent oil cooling capacities On a typical job that requires a mid...
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    John Deere 4024 Oil Pan Leak and High Oil Level

    Not sure I know the correct terms. That engine has unit pumps that run off the camshaft with lines to the injectors under the rocker cover. It has a fuel rack in the nature of the Detroit and cat 3116 ect. The fuel control lever is on the pumps. Look for the fuel leak at the injector lines...
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    NEEDED: Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

    That is just a basic gear pump. Rather than trying to find that pump by part number all you need to do is spec it out. I use Nova Hydraulics in Indianapolis. Flint should be able to spec a gear pump as well. The mount flange will be an SAE standard.. Then all you need is gear housing and...
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    Caterpillar C3.4B high pressure rail

    Ohm and load check the wires between the pump actuator and the ECU. Can't say for sure on that Cat engine, but typically when there is open circuit to the pump actuator it defaults to full open. With max pump flow the rail the pressure will reach the opening pressure of the relief valve. Also...
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    variable vane turbo

    Each time you turn the key switch on the actuator will cycle completely. If it is sticking and does not make full travel it will set vgt out of calibration code.
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    Funk HMD 33000 Slipping?

    So I may have spoke out if school, after looking up the HDM 33000 ( also only found in the dropbox configuration) This transmission appears to be just a multiple speed gear box, with a hydraulic motor to turn it.
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    Funk HMD 33000 Slipping?

    I have no experience with this transmission. Checking the transmission pressure would be first step. The pressure could be low at lower rpm s and increase when at throttle from a worn pump or regulator valve. As a general specification the transmission pressure should be around 300 psi...
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    Timberjack 460c error code 9 Help!

    The transmission controller only operates what works off transmission pump pressure. I seem to recall the only the grapple rotate being electrical and that circuit is analog. The tong open and close is pilot operated. You may haveore than one issue. To test the shifter circuit with key off...
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    School vs. Job

    Things seem to be different in the south. There is no such thing as a formal apprenticeship. From my perspective only the basic knowledge can come from school or self taught from books. Understanding systems is very important in diagnosis. The real school is the school of hard knocks; that is...
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    Green new hire

    I was simply give the service manual for a 471 and told to build that engine. I was nervous as heck when it came time to fire it because of every one telling about it running away if the rack was not right.
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    Do they give you a 55 gallon drum of Crisco with that service manual?

    Probably the same thing , but I use the John Deere Bookstore. You can purchase just the electrical schematics for your machine and get it on the spot.
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    Vickers solenoid dump valve repair (JLG component)

    Not to throw shade as I wish you luck in repairing your block, but that crack extends all the way to the pressure port, not just what you see. Have you searched for a used block, do you have the part number of the block?
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    Vickers solenoid dump valve repair (JLG component)

    I my experience when the CORRECT o'ring is blown there is often an under lying issue. It is common for hose flange ends to be cracked in high pressure applications (6000 psi) .