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  1. FlatTire

    2006 CAT 242B Pilot Valve Leak Repair

    I just did a control valve seal job on my Bobcat, and cleaning the belly out was half the battle. Tried bending metal into different shapes to scrape all the various nooks and crannies, and eventually realized that a pressure washer was the only practical way to get it done. Was careful with...
  2. FlatTire

    Case 1840

    Is the hydraulic performance deterioration only within the “drive” of the machine? Is it affecting the lift and tilt, or all the above?
  3. FlatTire

    Case 1840

    I hate to ask, but I’m assuming you checked hydro fluid level in the reservoir? After running the machine, is the fluid clear, not aerated, and without foaming issues?
  4. FlatTire

    Case 1840

    Easiest shots in the dark first. Check belt driving the hydraulic pump, and make tension adjustment if applicable on that machine.
  5. FlatTire

    Bobcat t300 hydrostatic pump

    Hopefully you’ve found your parts already, but try posting in “skid steers”, not mini skid steers.
  6. FlatTire

    CAT 303.5 Refurbish Picture Thread

    Nice looking machine. Your definition of “rough cosmetically”, and mine, are way different! Agreed with the colored zip ties for marking hoses. Just did this working on a control valve.
  7. FlatTire

    The annoying "what equipment" thread, again

    Everyone’s circumstances are different, therefore perspective is never the same. I’ve seen a lot of guys that are willing to take some extra time, and a little ingenuity, do a hell of a lot with a reasonable sized older backhoe. Obviously a huge excavator will crush trees/stumps etc., but it...
  8. FlatTire

    753c slow hydraulics

    Are there case drain filters on all 753 models?
  9. FlatTire

    Pre-emissions machine, or new? Brands to consider?

    Excellent to hear. I currently own an old 753 with infinite hours, and I’m seriously considering moving into an S175. Nice to read people having good experiences!
  10. FlatTire

    BobCat 763 Overflow from Chain Case...

    (Do you have a 743 or 763?) Assuming it was a typo, but the chain case and drive motors are probably very similarly setup regardless. Looking forward to some knowledgeable responses. I have a 753 with high hours, and I’m sure I’ll be having this issue at some point. Always nice to have some...
  11. FlatTire

    Replacing Bobcat loader control valve seals

    Your thread with instructions is greatly appreciated Willie!! I just finished the spool seals on my 753, and i felt like a Chinese body contortionist trying to get to all the allen heads!
  12. FlatTire

    Bobcat 753 Hydraulic aeration issue. Possible seal at the pump?

    I’ve checked the obvious with hose clamps from the hydraulic tank, to the inlet at the pump. I will probably throw on a new hose from the tank to the pump just to see, but if that’s not the issue, what seals on the pump could allow air in? Or what other potential areas within the system could...
  13. FlatTire

    Bobcat 753 hydraulic aeration issue. Possibly a seal at the pump?

    I’ve checked the obvious with clamps on hoses from tank to pump. What other potential areas can pull air into the system? Which seals on the pump could allow air in?
  14. FlatTire

    Bobcat Hydraulic fluid foaming and coming out breather cap

    I’m having a foaming issue on my Bobcat 753. I’ve been assuming it’s pulling air on the suction side, but haven’t found the issue yet. Lineman455 are you referring to the seals on top of the actual hydro pump, or the drive motors at the wheels? Just trying to clarify. Seems that’s a good place...