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  1. apetad

    Mustang Manitou 2500rt

    I suggest talking to the dealership you purchased it from. They might be able to send you a loaner laptop with the software and connector with instructions.
  2. apetad

    Mustang 930 I think

    332 Mustang had the three cylinder diesel.
  3. apetad

    Gehl RT210

    That looks to be a brand new paint job, check under cab for RUST!!!!!
  4. apetad

    Gehl RT210

    RT210 does not use def fluid, has DPF & DOC only.
  5. apetad

    Buying a new 35 class mini

    In rental the Yanmar bucket coupler is FANTASTIC! Can install hydraulic breaker or change buckets in under one minute, also works with a variety of ear widths and pin sizes and spacing! Customers LOVE that they can change from breaker to bucket without removing any pins!!!!!
  6. apetad

    Cummins Fined $1.6 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions

    We like our "Godzilla" Ford gas engine, but much less torque...
  7. apetad

    Case 1845C Steering issue

    ALRMAN is 100% correct, the rotary spool does / causes that
  8. apetad

    Skid steer Case 1840 tandem Pump hidraulic problem

    This guy is going to end up with the situation as soon as you start the engine BOTH sides are going to go full speed and full speed only, in a straight line and crashing through or killing anyone in it's path!
  9. apetad

    Case CNH Parts Web Site Questions

    Case parts site gives pricing if you setup an account, just info, don't charge any money to set up account.
  10. apetad


    6 month backlog on hydraulic pump, no parts
  11. apetad

    Parts dealer needed for Gehl 747 motor grader

    I can do some checking on it if you can get me the exact serial number.
  12. apetad


    LOOK AT ALL THAT SMOKE IN THE SKY!!!!!!!! We cannot do THAT in USA
  13. apetad


    Does warranty cover a loaner or rental if it stays in the shop 6 months for repairs under warranty? Nope
  14. apetad


    I believe Lui Gong is owned by Chinese investors, SOME Chinese manufacturers are owned by the CHICOM Government!!!!!
  15. apetad

    Friction brake pad problem of SANY wheel loader syl956h5

    Incorrectly using the de-clutch/brake pedal can cause problems also, if going downhill and use the declutch pedal instead of the brake pedal the trans & engine are no longer providing any braking and can eat brakes QUICK
  16. apetad

    SANY SY 80 Vs. KX 080-4

    They sell by offering a 5 year warranty, problem is, if it sits in the Sany shop for 18 months to get fixed under warranty, there's no coverage for a rental or loaner machine, your out of business for a year and a half!