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  1. Hendrik

    More powerful excavator?

    Machines are matched with the required horse power, no point putting a big engine into a small machine.
  2. Hendrik

    Please tell me I did't just fry my bobcats hydraulics!!

    I have bugger all experience with bobcat setups but my ASV has three pumps, two for drive and one for the loader arm and aux hyd. Perhaps a relief valve is stuck open?
  3. Hendrik

    This weeks, little "OOPS" ....

    Hey I watched Mega truckers and as such am an expert in the shifting of large loads. Therefore my expert opinion is that they did not compensate for the traffic island, causing the tall load to tilt and break it's lashings. Actually it looks like further up it's ripped part of the trailer...
  4. Hendrik

    OBD Scanners

    Just wondering why you posted this in the skid steer section and why use "Men full of wisdom" as a title for your question? The reason I ask is that doing what you did makes it hard for people to find in the future when using the search function.
  5. Hendrik

    laser for newbie

    Really depends on how much you want to spend, I have a Hilti I bought off ebay a while back and it works great but likes to eat D batteries. Which is not a drama because if I am using it I am earning money. If a laser is something you use all the time and levels are critical you are best off to...
  6. Hendrik

    t 190 foot controls wont work

    What sort of control set up is in that machine? Is it one of those dual types, where you can choose to use hand or foot control?
  7. Hendrik

    Tilting Excavator

    Ohh deere, that's hard ground.
  8. Hendrik

    Articulated dump truck photos

    Me thinks the mods are gonna have a word to you two Jokers. Perhaps it's gonna be handbags at 10 paces, although JGS knockoff handbags might not cut it with the good ole US semi automatic variety:beatsme
  9. Hendrik

    Help with father

    About 10k+
  10. Hendrik

    Old educational videos

    Air brake basics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJa5-_ExsBE How a diff differs http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yYAw79386WI
  11. Hendrik

    Help with father

    So there is a question or are you just having a whinge? OK lets assume the question is how do I get Dad to move his rusty 955 out of the shed so I can put my nice shiny stuff back in there. Well, I don't know your situation. so can't comment too much but all I can really advise is that you talk...
  12. Hendrik

    Ruger makes it easy

    Well I think this thread has served it's purpose, insofar as advertising a gun manufacturers attempt at influencing politics, which they are quite entitled to do. You wanna talk weapons, join a weapons forum. When the issue comes down to banning heavy equipment because someone built a kill dozer...
  13. Hendrik

    Waterless coolant?

    My understanding is that it is basically undiluted coolant. This has been discussed on other automotive forums. For Jay Leno this product might be worthwhile, due to his collection sitting in a shed plus he has the cash. However until a major engine manufacturer uses and recommends this product...
  14. Hendrik

    New excavator price

    You're gonna have to ask the dealer that question. For instance what boom configuration do you need, what bucket/s? Then there may be taxes, dealer delivery and shipping charges.
  15. Hendrik

    How can i make golf cart fast with gas..?

    Write by translator with google from language not of english speak. To be making golf car to faster go it is needed to put in enormous engine of cylinders eight http://cartaholics.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t7775.html
  16. Hendrik

    Steep gradient coal haulage

    Yes but the problem is that it will be going up a fairly steep gradient, which would put quite a bit of strain on the system. Another thing to consider is the skill of the drivers, steep roads and inexperience is not a good mix. So a conveyor system might be a safer option.
  17. Hendrik

    Extendable hitches on dog trailers

    Oz pup trailer http://www.georgesbikes.com.au/shop/view/pup_trailer/1978
  18. Hendrik

    How to sell filters and other small parts

    Selling is all about advertising, perhaps include some examples of your ads? People are not likely to buy a filter of unknown quality, age and no warranty, when they can go to their local parts store and buy the same for a couple of dollars more. I have bought filters off the internet but these...
  19. Hendrik

    Steep gradient coal haulage

    The problem with a conveyor system is that if it breaks down, production stops. Plus the coal has to be loaded onto conveyor and then from conveyor back onto truck.
  20. Hendrik

    Near Miss Reporting

    that looks like the dudette that Tiny was talking about:D Seriously though, sure it feels like dobbing in someone when you are dealing with reports. However these sort of systems are designed for larger organisations and sure they are not always user friendly and can be intimidating. Remember...