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    Thunderbird Yarders, Loaders, and Etc from the Murray's in Eugene Oregon

    Thunderbird and crew. Glenduan?, Nelson, NZ
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    Log Champ LC550, anyone here run one?

    Log export supply from NZ, exceeds demand/ log processing use in China. Market glut, China buyers waiting for log prices to fall. Finance companies' repossession agents sometimes get to load up some old logging equipment if the equipment park up in the forest is extended. Engineering workshops...
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    Timber pro 755D

    Was the cause of the fire established? Burst hose, debris initiated fire etc?
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    Log Champ LC550, anyone here run one?

    With the Chinese economy having issues there may be a few more NZ yarders with a for sale sign on them. More than 80 percent of NZ log exports go to China. The current exchange rate is nz$1.61 to a greenback. I doubt this used nz 124 would pencil out in the calculations for North American...
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    Big sticks

    Small to mediums. Downunder.
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    Thunderbird Yarders, Loaders, and Etc from the Murray's in Eugene Oregon

    Thunderbird TSY 155 swing yarder, grapple. Owhango NZ. Looks like a farm woodlot. This area generally grew pine woodlots/ small forests later than other areas as the local bureaucrats and hill farm lobby tried to keep the large forestry companies out of the area. Mute the sound.
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    S. Madill, Blacksmith, Founded in 1911 in Nanaimo BC

    HD camera on grapple for Madill swing yarder.
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    Looking to buy a log champ yarder, is this engine exportable?

    Talk to T-Mar, about what the options are. Aussies put on-machine hydrogen generation to assist the diesel burn to help the emissions nonsense. https://hydi.com.au/ Even years ago when the old engines were crossing the borders it was a good idea to have undamaged/ new information stickers on...
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    S. Madill, Blacksmith, Founded in 1911 in Nanaimo BC

    DC Equipment/ Madill media release. November 2023. "BACK ON THE PRODUCTION LINE Initially, the Log Loaders (3000s and 4000s) will be the first to be manufactured out of the Madill range next year. We will communicate closer to the time but expect new Madill 4000s handling logs in 2024, followed...
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    Harvest in full swing:

    In other parts of Australia there are bottom dump trailers. Lighter and simpler than walking floors. Also do not have to get the air hose out to clean-up compared to a double-B trailer end tipper. Some places some B-double bottom dumps are rated to 104K pounds of material. Pumpa Manufacturing...
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    Jason Wynyard, Stihl Timber Sports Champion

    Jason Wynyard (4th October, 2023) https://www.1news.co.nz/2023/10/04/kiwi-wood-chopping-legend-jason-wynyard-dies-aged-49/
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    Pacific trucks in the logging industy

    Pro-fix put together a fixed deck log loader carrier for Wahkash Contracting in 2022. https://jennaindustries.com/about/ and Mountain Forestry Equipment might know where an old truck is. Pro-fix mobile maintenance ltd (ProfixCR - facebook url title)
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    Deere and Hitachi? Whats going on?

    This is what John Deere put out 2/28/22 with regard to the Americas and Hitachi etc. https://www.deere.com/en/news/all-news/deere-hitachi-joint-venture-closure/
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    North Idaho / East WA Logging outfits?

    Somewhere in Idaho. JD skidder on Ecoforst winch.
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    North Idaho / East WA Logging outfits?

    Further east is J.Shar Timber Harvesting, a recent FB post was tagged at Superior, Montana. Cable assist Ponsse harvester and forwarder on steep terrain.
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    Logging Cartoons

    Link to the obituary. https://www.ladysmithchronicle.com/obituaries/gordon-sidney-barney/
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    Canada to US import question

    EPA are the rule makers. https://www.epa.gov/importing-vehicles-and-engines 2011. Caterpillar did not put labels(and emissions equipment) on the engines even when the engines were new. https://www.ttnews.com/articles/caterpillar-pay-255-million-sales-engines-improper-emissions-controls The...
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    News: DC Equipment Acquires World-Renowned Madill Brand

    On facebook as 'Madill Equipment'.
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    Fabtek 344B

    Might be a case of contacting the forestry equipment mechanics in the States where the Fabtek forwarders have been more numerous, so the mechanics have worked on them over a long time to know the faults and remedies. Plus they are more likely to have the manuals if they have worked on the...
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    thunderbird clutch conversion

    Tandem carriage on TMY 70