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    Looking for equipment salvage yards.

    If you can't find what you need with them, lmk I can usually find the impossible.
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    Looking for equipment salvage yards.

    Anything? I can help you out with what you may need.
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    Looking for equipment salvage yards.

    What parts are you looking for?
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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    Bump to the top for more pic's! Let's see some more here!
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    remanufactured engine control unit

    What does this ECU fit and what is the SN# of the machine it goes in?
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    aftermarket muffler and source for caterpillar d6d dozer 4x and other muffler tech

    Give me the machine SN# group # I can get one at a deal, depending on your SN#. LMK.
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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    Selma/Smithfield, I'm 3 miles from Hwy 70 and 4 miles from I95, working in Garner/Raleigh area.
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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    LOL! I can see why. It's just a shame to see all those machines just rotting away like old American Muscle cars do these days. It a shame, a shame I tell ya!
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    BC logging equipment left to rust

    I'm amazed at how much money in scrap metal is just sitting there. Around these parts, ALL of it some how would have been extracted and sent to the local scrap yard for some serious money.
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    Quick question for JD 8000 series owners

    What all are/will you be looking to do with your potential purchase?
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    SANY Excavators

    Yes the Sany plant in Peachtree City Ga. is complete and up and running strong, we rental company I work for has 7 Excavators in the field now and 8 more on the way, we all took a tour of the facility about 3 weeks ago and it is amazing, Sany is not a fly by night company here in the USA, that...
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    Outrageous Charges ForCase OEM Parts !

    For the 6 pieces of Case machinery that we have in the fleet that I manage here, I have found a good local place to beat the dealers prices and it is worth waiting an extra day or two on the part to arrive, but if one is in a hurry the dealer is the place to go if you can afford it.
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    Deere 4219 engine

    I'll see what I can do for you on this, I may can help you out.
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    CAT 302.5C OEM Replacement Oil Pump Needed!!!

    Did you ever find one?
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    Deere 4219 engine

    What is the SN# of the machine you have? That piece of info will help out a lot.
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    1981 Terex TS14 Scraper / 6speed transmission needed / troubles

    Did you find one? I have a business partner who has a few of these TS14's just sitting around which I think he doesn't have any plans to repair them anymore, since they have not been moved in the last 6-8 months. LMK if I can be of any assistance.
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    New member from Sweden

    Welcome to the site!
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    New to the site!

    Well, coming from the Ag side of things and working for a John Deere dealer for the last 5 years I welcome the change I have currently had, as in job occupation. I now work for a heavy equipment rental/fleet machinery, and really like the change of job environment and everyday machinery as well...
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    New to the site!

    Brand new to the site, been "lurking" around the site for a few weeks now and I have decided to go a head and going you guys. Seems like a pretty cool place that is very helpful and has some pretty cool members as well.