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  1. NH2909

    Sumitomo sc900-3

    anyone got repair manual for SC900-3 please get in contact
  2. NH2909

    volvo 4400 hydraulic controls

    Single lever system is the one I would like to know if it was fitted. I did have an idea that it was not available especially with the big levers. thanks for the info
  3. NH2909

    volvo 4400 hydraulic controls

    does any know if joy stick hydraulic controls was an option on a Volvo 4400 offered pre pilot controls
  4. NH2909

    Crane service manual/Workshop manual I have

    Interested in Sumitomo crawler crane manuals
  5. NH2909

    Gottwald parts

    Looking for parts for axles of Gottwald hmk 170 e.g. axles are Kessler axles can anyone offer advice on sourcing or availability
  6. NH2909

    Sumitomo sc900-3

    Hi Looking for hydraulic filter listing for sumitomo sc900-3 crane. Parts are hard got from dealer very little information on filters has anyone any information to offer?
  7. NH2909

    Zettelmeyer 602

    Hi I have a Zettelmeyer 602 busting my head for at least an hour in the morning it wont move fwd and rev solenoids are working and getting the required voltage The filters and oil have been changed. The pilot line to the high low solenoid is vibrating until hot I checked the solenoid and...
  8. NH2909

    Cat 312

    what engine has it mitsu or perkins