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    Gearmotors, anyone have experience with them?

    I'm curious. What did you use them for?
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    Gearmotors, anyone have experience with them?

    Oh believe me, I can get enough marketing info to choke a horse! I was looking for unbiased (if possible) hands on experience.
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    Gearmotors, anyone have experience with them?

    Hello HEF, I am looking for anyone who has real world experience with gearmotors as a means of propulsion for conveyor belts. We are all familiar with the traditional, electric motor/ V belt / gearbox setup as seen below. My company is being marketed a complete unit gearmotor as a lower...
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    Selling equipment

    I don't even take cash anymore! If they come to me with cash I send them to the bank to get a cashiers check or money order made out to me. Let the bank decide if their cash is real or not.
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    1994 Pioneer 42x48 Jaw Crusher

    Recently rebuilt Jaw Crusher for sale. Crusher & frame only. Located in Las Vegas, NV. DM for info.
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    Stopped by truck parts vendor to pay a bill:

    That's one heck of a sign! :)
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    Stopped by truck parts vendor to pay a bill:

    Out of pure, dumb, curiosity, what would one do with a non-complete track chain?
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    2003 f550 axle

    Try car-part.com. It's a database for used part vendors & you can search by location. Might get you what you're looking for.
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    CAT D320 Generator (not functional) Las Vegas, NV

    This CAT D320 Generator has been out of service for more than 10 years. I am told that it was functional when it was taken out of service. Kato 40kw generator & Caterpillar 4 cyl, turbo diesel power plant. Complete as seen in photos. As is, where is. Local delivery for a fee. More images...