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  1. zhkent

    Bob Ont

    My condolences to the Family.
  2. zhkent

    143H Slope Control Systems

    I use a Trimble WM-Drain on terraces. It requires a base station. The one I use It surveys elevation, but only in a single line. Then you can change the cut/fill of that line in the design tab. The gps will hold that grade following the line you surveyed and will hold grade on each side...
  3. zhkent

    Happy holidays

    Happy New Year!
  4. zhkent

    Question about purchasing heavy equipment

    I am not knowledgeable on the emissions and rules of older equipment. Aside from that my opinion is don't buy anything you're not prepared to rebuild. Are you going to run it enough to justify the expense of fixing it if it breaks?
  5. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    Studied a bit, with new shifter installed, turn on key, get a "43" code (140H VHP Autoshift) My code should be "45" (143H Autoshift) Finally found diagnostic plug, had active code 61, stored 62 and 81 61= shift lever input invalid 62= shift lever open circuit 81= auto manual lamp open circuit...
  6. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    Progress got slowed up a bit. Machine wouldn't always shift into forward, play with the handle get it to work. Figured out broken shift mechanism in shift control. JB weld held a couple months. Order new shift control and install. Machine won't start, somehow neutral safety switch-it seems to...
  7. zhkent

    D8H Engine Swap

    I like the idea of your conversion, and I would think you could fix a pump to run the trans. To me the concern would be shifting forward to reverse without a torque converter. That's gonna hurt. And if you use the clutch I think that would end badly. Unless a guy came to a complete stop to...
  8. zhkent

    Question about wills?

    Asked my kid's to fill out a will, living will and power of attorney when they turned 18. Otherwise if they were in an accident the hospital could not tell me what was going on, nor would I have had any say in there care. I have my will, living will and power of attorney filled out also. Spent...
  9. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    Thanks Nige! Got both off of ebay for $451. Progress is being made!
  10. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    New inserts with 1 shim on each side tightened up the lift cylinders! Will buy a more inserts for the circle side shift.
  11. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    Manual Form RENR4135 and Manual Form RENR4140 Both also say ARL1-Up and APN1-Up I bought the right parts books and did get the right maintenance/operation manual in the machine.
  12. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    Well I am disappointed that I got the wrong service manual. I should probably just get the one for the 1AL series? Seems the things I look for like fixing the speedometer aren't the same. Anyone have one to sell or trade? The Pic is the sn's the 2 service manuals cover. I was also looking, but...
  13. zhkent

    New to me 143 H

    So got the transmission and hydraulic oil changed and got a look at the filters. Magnets were good, not perfectly clean but no pieces of anything, a bit of fine black stuff.
  14. zhkent

    Big thanks is in order...

    Ever see people say "ohh my back hurts so bad?" Then they bend over and pick up something? And then put on their shoes? With out having to work at it for 5 minutes? Hope it's getting better Dave!
  15. zhkent

    Flopped Iron Mule, Broke my neck

    Glad your doing well! Would like to hear a bit more, like what took place between "oh crap" and "laying in the hospital bed". :);)