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Recent content by westerner

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    Not sure where to put this.... How to store gasoline...

    I am an old fart. That said, I cannot see spending $60 on a gas can that only keeps a kid from spilling gas on his leg. The last "safety" can I bought was modified first thing with a tire valve stem with the core removed. Take the cap off, and you will get some flow....
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    Somebody has to do it, and nobody else volunteers: the fixing saga

    And ride control works great. I have a Super M in my fleet that was the first backhoe I was ever around with it. Makes the machine far more comfortable and productive in any jobsite. Does not help that pinion gear, or the planetary gears.
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    Somebody has to do it, and nobody else volunteers: the fixing saga

    None of these backhoes, loaders and for SURE no forklifts were ever designed to be roaded farther than across the yard. Still does not stop folks from driving them across town. It hurts my mind to consider the notion....
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    I Need to put new wood on this trailer deck. Advice please.

    I maintained several old equipment trailers. They all had the deck attached as DM shows above. Dang sure more work to install originally, right? Takes two men. Too slow, too expensive. Bring on the self tapping screws and a big old kid to push the screwgun....
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    Just another day in paradise

    This has happened to me more than I care to admit. It can be really rewarding to find the broken copper, hidden by the intact insulation. Driver's door harness from the door to the body, broken at the bend......
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    Tool Talk

    That is not a little crane, and the handiness goes without saying:)
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    A mark of respect for a operator

    Yes, please do.
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    Corporate Nonsense

    As it should be. Chris is a smart man.
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    Case 580E Brakes

    The E in my fleet had a grabbing brake, that would sometimes stick. The gear oil leaking on the 'dry' frictions was to blame. They were not soaked, but oil in the box was noticeable. New frictions were not any thicker than the old ones, and solved the problem immediately.
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    Case 580D unidentified wire

    The machine also has a mechanical indicator, but I can't keep one on there when they start screening. Moving the grizzly wipes the indicator arms off so often I quit putting them back on.
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    Case 580D unidentified wire

    The M has the switch at the right side hoist arm pivot. Activated by a plate around the pivot rotated by an arm attached to the bucket. The grease from the pivot joint is forever changing the point that the switch activates, to kick out the RTD magnet. The OEM return-to-dig electromagnet went...
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    Grader Shopping

    I spent 20 years in the county equipment shop. The last 3 as supervisor. Retired in 2020. We ran plus or minus 2 dozen graders. When I started, they still had a few 140G. Most were H mosheens, with at least 6 143 AWD rigs. There were still 3 JD graders left in the fleet, but they were not...
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    Case 580D unidentified wire

    Was for the return to dig circuit which never worked well anyways. Lol Just today I was repairing that same pair on a 580SM. The design has improved, but not by much. Still using a mechanical microswitch right there with the old grease, dirt and branches.
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    This right here got me to actually liking washing dishes.....
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    Help with 2010 F450 Towing Capacity, Or, Should I buy this truck?

    My outfit had an '08 F-550 with the v-10. Rolling at about 17k in a service truck application. I would not recommend it...