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    C232 replacing dipstick tube

    Hey everyone, I got a C232 and I need to replace the dipstick tube. What is the easiest way? The tube is a pretty stout plastic. I tried forcing on the engine side but there are a couple of ribs its needs to go over. I've lubed it and tried alot of things with no success. I've heated it...
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    C232 using oil

    I have a 2011 c232 with 1880 hours. Machine starts up great and is strong. The issue is it’s using oil. I have checked the turbo and there is no oil and everything is tight. It does have a slight odor while running but can’t quite put my finger on it if it’s an oil smell or fuel. I have put...
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    Wiring harness routing t590

    Anyone have a pic under the cab of a t590 to show where the harness below passes?
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    Sunbelt Green Paint

    Thanks for all the replies
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    Sunbelt Green Paint

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any paint color that is a close match to the sunbelt green. I just purchased a new to me skid steer from sunbelt and it could use a little bit of touchup. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Bobcat s250 engine removal

    Hey everyone, I have to replace my fuel tank due to a hole in it. Obviously, i have to remove the engine first and was wondering where a good source for the repair manual would be. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!
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    Bobcat S250 fuel leak

    Hey everyone, I have a fuel leak on my bobcat S250. It looks like the leak is coming from the fuel filler neck. The coating on top of the metal is gone. Would a fuel repair kit do the truck or would a new fuel tank be in order? Thanks
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    Case tr270 smoking.

    I am having the same problem with my c232 new holland which is basically the same engine. I took out the EGR out and it was dirty but not gummed up. Any other way of testing it. It does open and close. Not sure if it opens and closes at the right time though. Thanks
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    Case tr270 smoking.

    I have the same skid steer with the same issue and was wondering if anyone has figured out this issue. Thanks
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    C232 oil loss

    Anyone think that a intake or head gasket be the cause of this? Thanks
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    C232 oil loss

    So I have a 2011 c232 with 1820 hours on it. I have had it for a year now and it’s losing oil. I removed the oil filter relocation kit thinking that maybe one of the lines were leaking and they weren’t. I have checked both intake and exhaust sides of the turbo with no oil found. Machine runs...
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    C232 losing oil and losing power

    UPDATE: Alright everyone, I fixed the boost leakage and it seems to have more power than before. The one thing that I can't figure out is why its burning oil. No smoke, I don't see any leaking of oil. I checked the inlet and outlet for the turbo and found there just to be soot, no oil. One...
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    C232 losing oil and losing power

    I'm assuming that line must lock into the fitting would be my guess. I'm gonna orders parts to fix it. If you look at my diagram above, line #1 goes into fitting #2 and that is what is sliding in and out. So fitting #2 should probably lock that line in. Thanks