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Recent content by tuney443

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    What Artifacts/Treasures Have You Found Excavating

    Found the skull to this big guy, a 12K year young Mastodon that was in a homeowner's pond in Hyde Park, NY in 2000.
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    How to get oil sample inspection except go to CAT dealers

    I use all Schaeffer Oil products so naturally I use their SOS lab as well.
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    Deere 35D for sale

    2010 John Deere 35D--long stick, hydraulic thumb, cab with heat, cold AC, radio, newer Trojan tracks, 2700 owner operated hours, PM greased daily, intervals at or before recommendations, 12",18",24",30" digging, 42" grading buckets, and a HD ripper--$37K--Poughkeepsie, NY
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    What Artifacts/Treasures Have You Found Excavating

    In 2000, the youngest Mastodon so far on the planet was discovered in a homeowners pond in Hyde Park, NY. The entire skeleton was there minus the skull. I was there with my backhoe for doing logistical digging, NEVER for finding bones. That all changed when the scientific group PRI from Ithaca...
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    2 sided question: 1. Looking for a GOOD or rebuilt Ford 268 c.i. diesel engine for my Royer 365 topsoil plant. 2. Has anyone retrofitted a JD 4 banger to the Ford " transmission"? Kubota has a kit for their engine but I'm a Deere guy.
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    Royer 365

    Just bought a Royer 365 plant. Anyone here have one? Also, retiring an old Royer 262, Wisconsin VG4D with Rockford PTO mounted on a full size trailer(4 wheels, 2 front, 2 rear like a farm wagon) for parts.
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    Wisconsin VG4D

    I've been using Napa filters on my VG4D on my Royer screener for 10 years now, never a problem. Repowerguy can you please PM me your address, might need to do a road trip. It would be nice to have a spare mill.
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    Topsoil Screener Advise

    Found out my old Royer is a 36, thinking of possibly buying a beat up 362 model.
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    Royer 466 topsoil screener

    Cornelius is the Royer dealer you want to deal with. They're in Wisconsin
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    Case 580B parts machine

    Meant I have parts left, just not the tach drive
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    Case 580B parts machine

    No sorry
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    Some pics without the 20 year old slime after she went through the crawler wash
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    Fuel and oil additives

    I run Schaeffer Diesel Treat in EVERYTHING diesel,have been for years. In the well documented diesel additive study on the Diesel Place, Schaeffer was in the top 5 of all the treatments entered. GREAT stuff that has never let me down,308K miles on my LBZ Duramax now with the original and still...
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    Tracks are at app. 90% free pivoting now, getting better every time I use old Johnny now. My waste oil brew did the trick. I officially entered old Johnny into the fleet as my new topsoil/compost screening/mixing/loading rig.
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    Been using waste oil, a shot of PB Blaster from time to time, anything oil based for years but definitely not water. To each our own.