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Recent content by tpitt

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    Illegal dump trailer?

    I know. I have a 26,000 gooseneck and a 12,000 lb dump trailer that I only use for my own stuff and I have to have a class A.
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    Illegal dump trailer?

    Any trailer over 10,000 in California requires a CDL.
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    Junkyard/White Marker Worth a Hoot?

    They are by far the best,
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    Junkyard/White Marker Worth a Hoot?

    I use light gray permanent markers. They work well
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    Komatsu control valves

    I repaired mine. Don't remember where I got the parts from, but they are repairable.
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    2001 International 4300 DT466 goes limp mode with engine idiot light, flash codes?

    I have a 2001 4700lp and it has a button on the dash to retrieve the codes.
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    Any brand log trucks

    A truck I used to drive for awhile. KTA 550 with a 6&4 Nice truck!
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    Well, I done did it...Amulet Hoeclamp on my NH 675E W/Extend-A-Hoe

    I bought one several years ago for my JCB. Love it, but welded a hook above it so I could use a come-a-long to lift it when changing pin settings.
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    2001 International lp4700 hydraulic brakes?

    Hello: I have the above truck and need schematics for the hydraulic brake electrical. The brakes work fine when motor is running, but the electric pump doesn't work with motor off Key on or brake pedal pushed. I had the trailer charge line ( whoever installed it did not fuse it) short out...
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    Sticking blade control valves D21-A

    No answers? I'm going to pull them off today and see if I can figure out what's going on. It's weird that both the tilt and the angle will only go one way. The valve pulls up, but will not push down.
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    Sticking blade control valves D21-A

    I have a 1995 Komatsu d21-a and two of the blade controls are sticking. They wont push down into the valve. Anyone have any ideas it would sure be appreciated. Also a source for new valves. Thanks, Terry
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    For those who didn't make it back...

    Thank you, my son S01 (SEAL) Jesse Daryl Pittman was killed August 06, 2011 along with 16 other SEALS and 14 other Americans, Bart their Dog and 8 Afghans. Extortion 17. Helicopter was shot down.
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    Fast Internet for Gypsies or Those Sick of Their Landlines

    Is this 5G? If so it's not available in our area yet. We live in the "boondocks".
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    Fast Internet for Gypsies or Those Sick of Their Landlines

    Thanks, I'll have to check into it! I guess enough people complained to them.
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    Fast Internet for Gypsies or Those Sick of Their Landlines

    I agree they have the best cellphone coverage, but their internet sucks, I also have the supposedly best unlimited plan on both our cells. We also have two ipads with data so I use them for hotspots.