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    Tier 4 Cat 966H Field Follow-up unit?

    This is probably the wrong thread to ask it, but what I'm most curious about is excavators. People have been complaining about Cat's huge rear ends with the E-series (even while Volvo and Deere are keeping them small), so are the G-series Deeres and D-series Volvos as big as they'll be for T4f, too?
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    jcb suspended cab

    Ah, I see. I wasn't considering the foot area; Cat's floors are still with the machine chassis.
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    jcb suspended cab

    What do you mean by "modular?" The Cat C-series cab is also "modular" in some senses. As for a suspended design... maybe that's what engineers are working on now, but I think that there are some challenges to creating a suspended cab that's also easy to open for service. Another is cost of...
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    New 9yd Machine

    Guys... the 944K isn't necessarily a direct competitor to the 988 or WA600 or L350. Both Deere and Volvo are seeing a need for a size class slated just about the 7.5 yd class but below the 10 yd class -- and this is also where the L250G fits in. I think the 944K will compete in a bank loader...
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    Lingong to buy Dressta

    Thanks for clarifying that point, Brian. ;-) And let's make clear that Cat's official stance was never that they "wanted to leave the state" -- Olberhelman claims that reporters read far too much into his comments. Maybe there are secret talks about moving away from IL, but that's simply...
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    My new ride 2011 580SN

    Looks nice. Too bad a Cat will still outwork it. :D (just kidding Jim, giving you a hard time.) Keep us posted with pics! I've always thought Case did an excellent job with BHLs overall and wish that Cat would update their heavy, slow E-series already... they're not bad, but I just felt that...
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    Whats the differences between at 763F and a 763G series bobcat skidsteer?

    10000 hours out of a skid-steer is a tall order. You can probably do it, but you better be looking at a darn fine machine when you buy it... otherwise you will be putting a LOT of money into her once she gets past 5000 hours. The primary difference between the F- and G- series machines is the...
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    Looking at Skid Steers that can lift 2k lbs.. John Deere vs Bobcat?

    JCB is running 4.4L in their new models... I was impressed.
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    Tier 4 Cat 966H Field Follow-up unit?

    Looking forward to the interview -- I'm not sure who the Product Manager is anymore with all the reorgs. But your point above is apt... I've been saying for a while that we should wait and see before judging the rear ends of Cat excavators. I have a suspicion that Cat's doing this to get ready...
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    New WD600-6

    Huh -- I admit I don't think I've ever seen a WD600 before. Are they common?
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    Brand New 2011 Cat 262c delivered today, :)

    Nice! Thanks for sharing your pics!
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    M Series Bobcats

    So... S250 vs. S650 -- which is better? :D
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    In a test CAT 236 skid steer out performs Waldon 5100 mini articulated loader

    Could be a variety of factors... operating technique is one, tire choice is another, bucket type is a third. If the machine was able to spin the tires, machine power isn't an issue; it's traction. Traction can be affected by how the machine is being operated and what tires the machine is using...
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    my new setup 332d and grotrain enterprise grapple

    That 332D does look mean. Very nice! As for the LS185, I don't think there's any wrong with that -- I feel like a lot of machines that are mechanical controls (assuming yours is) will stall the engine at maximum lever actuation (WOT) and in high gear...
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    Buying a Skid-steer, specifics ?

    I'm going to jump in just in case yellowdog isn't able to -- he used to run Bobcats and added a Cat 272C to his fleet last year. The unit was simply atrocious -- it let dust into the cab like none of his Bobcats did. Its performance, when it was running that is, was comparable to his S300s of...