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Recent content by Theweldor

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    Best mobile crusher for recycling concrete

    The first thing to keep in mind. Is the minute you turn that key on in the morning, they are trying to destroy themselves......and they do a very fine job of it. I have worked around 3 Kleeman spreads and a Cedar Rapids trailer mounted system. The biggest problem I have seen is the jaws will...
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    '68 Cat 12F Grader Circle issue

    The teeth on the pinion will wear and the teeth on the circle will wear from running in a small range of motion constantly. Both pinion and circle segments can be had from Cat and the segments replaced. Have done several over the years. Just something else to check.
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    Bore welding help

    40 grit will make a lot quicker work of it. Get yourself a piece of carbide tooling and take the last cut at .005 or so and see how nice that comes out.
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    Bore welding help

    If your finish isn't as good as you would like. You should try some 40 grit flap wheels for a die grinder. You won't need to spend but a minute or two at it as the 40 grit will clean them up pretty fast. I have also used a carbide tool for the last pass with good results, but you have to remove...
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    bucket tilting down

    Probably should have rebuilt the cylinders
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    My Last One-Finished

    You are an Artist when it comes to those trucks!!!
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    Case 580N died mid job

    And .... If you ran it out of fuel, screw a new set of filters on it.
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    Cat ET alternatives? Just want to read sensor data!

    I have had several out over the years. Most are always full of mud. Seems like the cab filters always get neglected. It is a pain in the butt job. But once done will be good for many years.
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    On the Road Again

    Nige You didn't get the memo? The case of champagne was held up at Customs.
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    D6R questions

    As Cmark has said you would almost need that switch to run one cylinder at a time to get them at midstroke with the blade level. Sounds like you may have bad piston seals on one cylinder.
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    953 caterpillar track loader won’t start

    That's not spinning any where near fast enough!!!
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    Logging Cartoons

    We will miss them. Always good entertainment!!
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    Cat D3c Dozer Diesel Treatment to Prepare for Winter

    What do you consider cold? Gelling is rare above 0 with the low sulfur fuel today. From what I have seen.
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    Shrinking bores with heat

    I know how that goes. You can't always fix it at the most optimum time. Everybody has to have a hamburger.
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    Shrinking bores with heat

    The general rule of thumb is to have as much support at the bosses to equal the diameter of the pin. So if you have a 3" pin you should have 3" of support for it at each end. "From a machinists point of view" The lovely engineers always try to cheat that a bit. They are keeping tracked of...