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    Overload of the Day

    Radial tires are a lot better than the old bias plies. I can remember when 400 hp could boil off a set of drivers on a hot day. How much hp could a single drive axle handle on a hot sunny day without cutting tire life more than, say, 10%?
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    Cost of new pickups

    The dealership where I found my pu had a new F150 on the showroom floor. 4 door short bed. The sticker was 68,000. Then it had a "rocky ridge" 6" lift kit added that added another 23,000 sticker for a $91,000 total. Then these short old legs would have had to add a $60 step ladder just to...
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    Cost of new pickups

    I'm with spud. Local trucks are all beat to death. Useful trucks on dealer lots are auction buys. Now, it's very hard to find a 8' box. Between a slip tank, air compresser, and a tool box, a 6.5 foot box doesn't have anycompressed, I did finally find a crew cab c&c with a 8' flat bed. Paid...
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    Cost of new pickups

    Its called a poll tax. Outlawed because its discriminatory. If you really want to fix things, require that any person donating to a candidate must be a legal voter for the candidate to whom they are making a donation.
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    School vs. Job

    Pipeline welding doesn't pay the big money because its so hard to do. Pipeline welding pays the big bucks to keep you on the job in the midst of a really crappy life style.
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    Cost of new pickups

    I try hard not to buy the new model of anything. There are always bugs. Heck, I just saw there is a class action suit against GM for 8 speed transmissions from 2013-2019. I want something proven, then I drive the wheels off it. When I'm done with it, it goes out in the pasture, nobody will...
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    Cost of new pickups

    Was trying to buy a new car last year. One dealership was MSRP, but added about $4300 worth of extras, rustproofing, nitrogen tires, door edge guards, and a near endless list of no cost BS with a huge markup. After my wife looked it over she really liked it. Wife made an offer of MSRP, but...
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    Overload of the Day

    I'd guess actual weight never made it down to driver level. The first chicken coop will bring him up to date.
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    Good things can happen to good people

    I wish your friend the best. I hope it works out well. Unfortunately, the attributes that make him a good mechanic are not necessary in the skill set for being a good shop foreman, and the skill set necessary for being a good shop foreman are seldom found in a good mechanic. Your friend's...
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    What materials/alloys are used for excavator booms and sticks?

    The 80K wire on 50K steel isn't as much as a mismatch as it appears. The 80K rating on the wire is ultimate tensile strength, or when it breaks. The 50K on the steel is elastic limit, or where stress loads cause permanent distortion.
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    Operator responsibility

    I have to do night operations. I carry a small flashlight and make sure anyone else knows I am there. It always costs more to work in the dark, I try very hard to make sure it doesn't cost a life.
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    How many here know how to do this?

    I could drift my 860A deere scraper on a hard clay pad just after the water truck.
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    Sound level meters

    There are sound level apps for your phone. Most phones will limit the noise from the mic to something in the 90 db range. This would show that everyone is within limits and since many people will trust anything coming from a cell phone all would be good.
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    Turning 50 kinda sucks.

    Airplanes don't bother me a bit. Being treated worse than livestock while waiting to board said airplane chaps my a$$. I'll drive, thank you.
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    Turning 50 kinda sucks.

    Any words of wisdom?