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    First Dozer. VPAT / SU conversion. Possible (practical)?

    Local rubbish landfill just sold an oilfield D5B cheap. By oilfield I mean it had a Weldco Beals inside mount six way blade. Where it could be hauled at night under nine feet wide. Not sure what sized pan you could pull though.
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    Hystaway shovel

    I saw what was left of some Long tlb in Decatur al at a tractor yard they were called 5 in 1's. Street depth had a few of them.
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    Hystaway shovel

    I had a neighbor with some old iron had a hystaway dragline for an old D7. The had it to where it woul go between the d7 and an old truck depending on the job. Sadly it met the torch
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    Cleanburn CB-2800 furnace practical questions

    They clean and service it I always have them change the atomizer nozzle we had one fail after they left one time. I never had to fool with any sort of furnace growing up. The main reason we bought it was at the rubbish landfill we had to document where all my waste oil from the machines went...
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    Cleanburn CB-2800 furnace practical questions

    I forgot what series ours is got about 1500 hours on it an love it. We do pay them an 800 dollar per year to service it. The key is don't let every hand dump in it I made a waste oil cleaner out of a drum. Has a bottom drain and a clean oil drain about a foot off the bottom. And a water...
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    Liebherr largest hydrostatic dozer

    They made the first series of 950 and 1050 Deere and the 655 and 755 loaders. I think Deere refined them a bit. I have mixed feelings about hydrostatic machines. I saw the 776 on YouTube and made my post. It looks good I've run a few smaller Leibherr dozes and liked them
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    776 leibherr

    I was youtubing the other day at work looking for some safety vids for work. I saw a high track dozer that looked different. I clicked on it and it's a 776 Leibherr the worlds largest hydrostatic dozer. Looked pretty good even though I'm not a great fan of hydrostatic dozers. I sent it...
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    Pippin backhoe

    An old guy here used to put in service stations and septic tanks way back. When I was 17 I went to his auction. He had an old pippin hoe on an 8n ford with a dozer blade on front. Also a few other machines like a T6 IH loader. His son told me how many stations and tanks they put in with...
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    Bolt of the Day! Fasteners Too !

    The landfill i manage is owned by a motorhome mfg. I also do most of our mechanicing. Im a hardware hoarder. The make most of their frames and the othe day i got a 5 gallon bucket of 7/8 grade 8 new bolts. Then the other day i was at the plant looking at one of my cans and a...
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    Finally dug it out

    I have a friend that uses one on his farm. He puts it behind a D4d and a long cable. He or his kids drive the d4 and he drops down into aditch to clean them out. Often grades his farm roads.
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    Any advice about a 2 axle grader.

    Hey guys havent posted in a while been covered up at work. I was wanting to know if any of yall had ever run many 3 axle graders or maintainers. The reason I ask The old AC d I learned on at wok gave up her ghost. The transmission wore out and by wore out I mean all the gears were...
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    Skid Steer + CTL Pictures!

    HM earth and others with CTL or mini excavators that have final drive troubles. My brothers 334 BC mini ex lost a seal and bearing. He called the BC dealer andthey told him with would be 5400 to get another final. I found a rebuilder down in Texas the remans them and has several on...
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    Old Iron long term storage

    Keep a camera on it a friend had his old D7 blocked up while he was out of town working. It was in his backyard and some scrappers cut the tracks in sections. Tracks, batteries and most of the battery cables.
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    Allis Chalmers D grader.

    Our old round tube D had a catastrophic failure in the transmission and we bought a later model one. A 68 square nose with larger tires. Im thinking about building a power unit with a larger single axle like a maintainer has to keep it running. we found some Chinese 8.20 tractor tires...
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    Oil pressure sending unit location on an 1840 Case

    Thanks thats what I was looking for. Case dealer had closed and another took it up but they dont have alot of knowledge on them. I didnt want to start looking without knowing where to look.