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Recent content by suladas

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    Are there any companies that aren't Chinese with lower prices?

    I don't understand the blanket hate of chinese stuff, sure some of it is junk but some is great. The smaller hydraulic breakers are great as well as the plate tampers, fraction of the cost, and way better when most guys don't take care of stuff anyway.
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    Truck heating up

    I removed the box and took the truck and box to auction as I was tired of looking at it. Although I really do regret it as the truck only got like $500 and $2000 for the box, I ended up with a little over $2000 after auction fees. I bought another truck that i'm using. Heard nothing from the...
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    This will be an interesting thread moving forward......

    I swear the emissions fell off by themselves.
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    Hauling a Case cx160 excavator with a dump truck.

    It really is amazing how far forward the hoe needs to be to get the right pin weight, I found I wasn't loading mine anywhere near far forward enough until I scaled it. I run my 210 36" from headboard in this picture it was 38" from headboard and pin weight was 12,800lbs. It does make the steers...
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    Major problem with project, Lawyer recomendation?

    Not how it works here, and that's why any written agreement has clauses like "if any term in this agreement is found to be non enforceable then the rest of the contract is still enforceable". Also here government bids aren't required to take the lowest, they always say they are not required to...
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    Major problem with project, Lawyer recomendation?

    Problem is people lie to suit their best interests and so do lawyers, he would just say it was a verbal contract, flimsy argument but people try it. The reason why the one on their own can do a lower rate is they aren't paying for fancy office space those downtown offices aren't cheap, and...
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    Major problem with project, Lawyer recomendation?

    It they were extras, did you get any sort of change order or PO for them? If not you're pretty much screwed. And even if you got it in writing they agreed to the extras, unless they were done in a way stipulated in the contract for extras you're pretty much screwed for getting paid for them too...
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    Major problem with project, Lawyer recomendation?

    To be candid, most people will just wipe their a$$ with a threatening letter from a lawyer, i've received plenty over the years and never once did it change anything for me. If people are stuck in their position a letter means nothing regardless of who wrote it. I just had my lawyer get rid of a...
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    Major problem with project, Lawyer recomendation?

    You need a good lawyer, I would recommend one who just does it on their own assuming they've been a lawyer for a long time and have a ton of experience, you get an extremely experienced lawyer for a much lessor fee who is likely to be way more fair with the billing then a firm, i've had good...
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    What is the most dependable truck engine of all time?

    Money isn't really a concern with them though, I don't know the exact details but my brother was with the city department here for like 10 years and said they can be run that way in case of emergency. They had trucks sent up to fires up north here that are worth over a million bucks a pop that...
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    What is the most dependable truck engine of all time?

    Also they have different programming to avoid the truck going down, no emissions, etc will derate or turn the truck off when it's at a fire, they will also bypass the governor and run the engine as fast as required to keep the flow rate up until the engine lets go.
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    Overload of the Day

    Rear axle is very likely not overloaded. Can’t speak for GMC but Ram the rear axle SRW or DRW is exactly the same aside from the width. Driveline is exactly the same also. Even with 4K of pin weight rear axle wouldn’t be overloaded. I pulled a gooseneck similar weight with my srw all the time...
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    Homeowners buying old giant excavators?

    800's can be had for dirt cheap at auctions but there's a reason. Some guy with a small pit bought one and no one would let him load their truck with it. Also if it breaks good luck fixing it yourself. Just trying to remove a pin on bucket would require a crane because everything is so dang big...
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    How much to reseal some cylinders?

    Probably way more. Arm cylinder for 75 hp skidsteer was $2k at dealer and it's a tiny cylinder.
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    How much to reseal some cylinders?

    If i'm going to go that far I might as well do it all myself, changing the seals was easy i'm more concerned about pulling the rod out/back in. It's still sitting in my yard. I bought the international and using that. I am trying to sell it as-is and if it doesn't sell soon it's going to the...