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  1. special tool

    Looking to ship a 225 from Ct to upstate Ny

    Give me a call if you are interested. Thanks. 203-994-8948 -Jim
  2. special tool

    Caterpillar 225 EXCELLENT condition export available

    This is about the nicest 225 51U you will find. Link to ebay auction with pictures and VIDEOS: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220596272802&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT I will be happy to ship it wherever you need it. I speak Spanish, Russian and a little...
  3. special tool

    Muddy Komatsu dumper

    Now THAT'S a nice machine!!:D
  4. special tool

    John Deere tractor umbrella kit - new.

    This is a new JD umbrella kit complete - fits all. Yellow. $150 Thanks - Jim E-mail: artisticmason@comcast.net if interested.
  5. special tool

    Muddy Komatsu dumper

    Hey, don't get me wrong - I have a site truck that I use with my excavators and I have loaders that I'll use to move material maybe up to 100-150 feet or so. But these things cost BIG money and Komatsu parts are just a little more expensive than platinum. The ground disturbance point is really...
  6. special tool

    Muddy Komatsu dumper

    I highly disagree about cost per yard with a comparably priced machine. AGAIN - you need another machine to load the truck and another machine at the dump site to pile it. Now let's talk about TWO additional operator paychecks.;) By the way - tipping load of a 953 is around 19,000 pounds -...
  7. special tool

    Muddy Komatsu dumper

    Well - I hear you. But let's keep in mind when you compare to a track loader... You need another machine and operator to load the "truck", then you need another machine and operator to stockpile at the other end (unless you have 10 acres to string out 50 loads;) - these are taskes easily...
  8. special tool

    Muddy Komatsu dumper

    Aaaaaah - I still don't get those stupid things, anyway. Those things cost BIG, BIG money - you know what the capacity of that toy is? 13,000 pounds, that's right - 4 yards of mud a clip, that's it. But wait - oh it can spin around and do a fancy dance - TOY! Rather have an LGP loader...
  9. special tool

    My latest clearing job

    So the customer wants the stumps to remain in the ground?
  10. special tool

    Flying dozers

    Beautiful pictures! You must be familiar with this machine to quote the lift capacity at altitude - cool. Also - mixed memories of seeing "SSSR" and "airofloat" (Roman) on that machine, I guess they hired the Soviet airline for this move? Were you there?
  11. special tool

    New Orleans Levee rebuilds

    Did they actually say they were looking for SQUARE yards?
  12. special tool

    Very close shave!

    Hey, I'm not making fun of union/non-union....I'm making fun of safety officers!:D
  13. special tool

    Figure out what happened in this video?

    The guy lowers the camera half way through, and I can't figure out what happened after they upright the truck. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=845_1264671115
  14. special tool

    Tough looking CAT 320clu

    I can't figure out how you got those tracks in that position??
  15. special tool

    First machine purchase for small business?

    Much as I hate those things, if you're doing utilities and only having one machine, should be a backhoe.