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Recent content by smokey1

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    610 Bobcat / Wisconsin VH4D troubles

    I had the same problem with one of these. noticed the plugs would blacken up real fast. Someone had filled it up with diesel oil. I worked on that pig for about 60 hours before I figured it out. I also remember back then when the same type engine had two spark plug wires reversed, that also had...
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    IVECO 3 CYL Power Issues

    I hope your turbo is running. My 4 cylinder Ivecos had very little power, after turbo got jammed. you should be able to hear it wind up if the bearings are good , also good place for accorn storage
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    JD 675b hydraulic charge light

    Cobra is right on, The sender is located at the oil cooler input line about $17.00. Very common failure
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    Case 580 Super L backhoe acting strange

    You should find the problem before you use that machine again.. Very dangerous situation. Is it always in same direction? A loose link or bad valve Or the whole frame is loose at the valve body. good luck
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    Is it possible to start a business with just one piece of heavy equipment?

    You could pick up a skid steer, trailer, and small dump truck and be in business. You can keep yourself under CDL and still pick up work. You should check out your local market, and find out if they would hire you, and at what rate. Start with all your local small landscape companies, and your...
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    Nelson Loaders?

    The price is way off for $24.000 you can pick up a lot mor loader than the Nelson. All nelsons I have come accross go from 2500.. to 6000 in good running order. Could be a misprint and they want 2,400.00, Then you should grab it, but for 24k, no way
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    Dental work

    I just sqeese the pin together with a pair of vise gripps, and never had a problem. one good wack and there in place
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    Another Perkins Pukes

    My contacts in china tell me the Perkins 804d 33 series engine is the tier IV engine, and that engine is being used in most of their small equipment, all skid steers and also told me CAT was using it also, and CAT would soon start building them in the USA down south somewhere. They told me the...
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    Broken skid steers- Where best to buy

    Try the big rental companies, they sell real cheap, when a machine becomes troublsome. But you have to buy before they strip them down...
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    racoon skid steer

    It happened again. Blew the gasket out of the Donalson filter. the oil pressure went to 20PSI and bang out went the gasket. This gasket was made of very hard rubber and the filter was made in Indonesia, It is definatly not good on the perkins engine. Ok now I picked up and installed a baldwin...
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    racoon skid steer

    Got the preasure numbers for the engine relief valves. all checked out put the crank back together, new rod bearings. put the engine back in the skid steer and she fired right up. oil presure came in at 60 lbs, the engine run real smooth, did not have to bleed injectors. The cause of this mess...
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    Another Perkins Pukes

    I have a perkins 804 c 33 in a racoon skid steer. It is a fine engine, but It likes a good oil filter. I had no trouble until i went to a perkins shop looking for an oil filter. The employee subed it out to a wix , and when I picked it up it had been again subed out to a napa gold filter. This...
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    What to do to start a sitting dozer

    Check out the air filters , exaust ports . Look for nest's mice, bees ect.,. a bit of lube in the cylinders , you have to lift enjecters out if possible. make sure no water in fuel bowl. . Use a 2nd battery boost if available. She will start right up . if it fails to start bleed air from...
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    racoon skid steer

    Hi Keith I was able to order the bearings from a dealer in RI. I should have them by end of week. they are coming from the West Coast. My engine seriel number must be close to yours I have HT-65 # 148 and the engine # is UE35141 JO 10023 P. When I gave hin the number ,he came right back with the...
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    racoon skid steer

    James, the wix co . came back and blamed the engine for blowing out the gasket. They did say that the filter will loose it's shape at about 200 psi. The relief valve safety is set at about 480 psi, and the pressure valve is set at 180 to 210 psi. So on a cold morning that would explain why the...