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Recent content by sillej

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    Low mileage 2016 F450 6.7 Turbo and DPF system failure

    My 2012 has I have had to pay to have fixed at the dealer and then later on a campaign comes along from Ford and I have been reimbursed for the repairs. EGR cooler and DEF pump setup so far at 99k.
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    RayGo Giant 2023

    That is cool.
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    Overload of the Day

    TS if one wanted to do a road trip for the Vantage grade where would be a good starting point?
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    A walk through the local demo contractor's yard

    Damn that is a big machine.
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    KW updates

    Bah humbug.
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    Readying for the KW

    Nice arse.
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    Cat 977L

    I like to add it to burgers on the grill.
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    Cat 977L

    Better than Heinz anything. Can be found on Amazon but I can get it at the local grocery.
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    A couple of videos of the old wheel dozer

    Really cool rig.
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    The best thing ever

    Thanks for posting that. My OTC works but leaves a mess around the top and the bucket. This looks promising.
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    The best thing ever

    I like that. I have an OTC bucket one that replaces the lid, but does not seal as well as I would like.
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    Overload of the Day

    Picture this-I205 bridge out of Portland north bound, almost to the Washington side. Little Toyota in the the slow lane with the white twine around the mattress barely holding. Must of been an extra gust of wind as I watched the twine snap and the mattress floated up and over the guardrail to...