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  1. Seabass

    Cat d5B, segmented sprocket, bolt torque.

    Thanks, parts are in today, Monday I will buff off the paint and torque to spec. Thanks.
  2. Seabass

    air tools

    I have a CP 734H 1/2 impact, does most nuts and bolts, but only 425 ftlbs. but if you give it enough time it will do most things, but obviously not the most powerful. Also a 3/4 drive CP 772H, again, does what's required and the more psi the better they perform. But I have found the Milwaukee...
  3. Seabass

    Cat d5B, segmented sprocket, bolt torque.

    I need to replace the worn sprockets on a old D5B. Serial number, not sure. Seeing if anyone here knows the torque spec for them? Thanks.
  4. Seabass

    What are the essential tools in your shop?

    M18 Grease gun now that I own one. Wish I bought it years ago.
  5. Seabass

    The best cordless grease gun

    My M18 has lots of pressure, tightens up excavator tracks quickly. long 4 ft hoes makes it nice. even has a little light to see what your greasing in the dark.
  6. Seabass

    Cleaning up tools

    A wipe down with wd-40 works for me.
  7. Seabass

    What are the essential tools in your shop?

    My Milwaukee fuel impact.
  8. Seabass

    First one in!

    Good score, I love Wright tools. I have a set of metric and std combo wrenches, a lot of sockets, and their dual paw ratchets. All of them are high quality.
  9. Seabass

    A New Catagory if the Forum

    I like it
  10. Seabass

    03 F550 6.0 woes

    Best powerstroke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o2LGuzl0go
  11. Seabass

    03 F550 6.0 woes

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH2NmxXEUJQ 6.0 vs 7.3
  12. Seabass

    03 F550 6.0 woes

    I would suggest you go to powerstrokehelp on YouTube. Knowledgeable fellow. Watch his videos on the ford diesels and his take on them as that is what he only works on. 7.3 to 6.7, he lists a video on all their pro vs cons. 6.4, 6.7 are powerful but very expensive to work on, repair. I...
  13. Seabass

    Smallest compressor for service truck

    Ive run into this situation. A little wheel barrow will work for most 1/2, 3/4 impacts, and some 1 inch work in bursts. Great for limited space on a truck. As for doing a pad swaps, renting a big compressor on a trailer runs about $125 a day for 185 CFM, might be looking into if you only do a...
  14. Seabass

    Percentage of hourly rate to cover insurance

    Agree to his terms, but just add a .5 to an hour extra on each job. Let him think hes getting his way, but let him actually pay for your insurance. Do you need the work from him? If not tell him to jump in a lake. 5 Million is the standard in BC, Canada for anyone to hire you. You don't need...
  15. Seabass

    Percentage of hourly rate to cover insurance

    5 million liability costs me about 170 bucks a month. pretty cheap when considered too injuring, killing someone and getting sued, losing house and $. And I haven't killed anyone in almost three years. I mean since I started working for myself.....