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    Bobcat e50 vs e55?

    I dont now about stronger, but I would defintley go with the an e50. The e55 is nice, dont get me wrong, but that zero tail swing is a beautiful thing. I have a Bobcat 335, i love it, but I would like a zero tail swing.But with a a lot of useful attachments for your application, you cant go...
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    2014 Gmc 2500hd vs 2014 Ford F-250 Powerstroke

    Hi Guys. We are looking at getting a new truck. Right now for the personal Truck we have a Gmc Sierra 1500. And looking to upgrade too a Chevy/Gmc 2500hd, or a ford F-250 PowerStroke. It would be 4x4. We already have an E-350 so we do have experience with fords, but we mostly have GM's. I wanted...
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    Case or Doosan?

    Hi Guys. Im looking at a 210 size excavator. And the two brands I'm looking at are the cases and doosans. Im very impressed with each machine, so I wanted your guys opinion. Its ether a Case Cx210blc, or a Doosan Dx225lc-3. Thanks in advance, John Gibson
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    Mini Excavator Hydraulic Cylinders??

    Hi Guys. So a friend of mine and I for our Senior Project are building a Firewood Processor. It will have a log loader on it which we are building. But like a legit log loader not what I call "backhoe log loaders". So I wanted to know where I can find hydraulic Cylinders for like 3 ton mini...
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    Pics of your mini!

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    Newcomer equipment questions....Case?

    I love the case excavators! They have a lot of digging power, and smooth to operate, the deeres and cats are good, but you cant go wrong with a case excavator! They are very fuel efficent. They only bad thing about them I can think of, is they dont have the most powerful swing motors. Hope this...
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    Pics of your mini!

    Haha, its fine, it was an old abandoned garage that was starting to cave, (the main support beam in back was cracked all the way through because a tree fell on it) that i demolished and regraded.
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    Pics of your mini!

    Hey guys. This is a thread to show your mini! I will start of with a 2007 bobcat 335. Cab, Hyd thumb, q/c 34in grading bucket, 24in digging bucket, 18in, digging bucket, ripper tooth. I love it! http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj586/Roadbuilder66/c520d320bf7d30a6e6c988d2d7401c0d.jpg
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    Pictures of your Backhoe!!!!!

    Heres mine. A 2003 Jcb 215s. I love it! Thanks, John http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj586/Roadbuilder66/6afef08a544abe98be9b87a34da2315b.jpg
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    Non traditional excavator uses....

    That looks awesome! I have one for my jd2320
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    Help me pick a pond maker.

    If you already have the excavator, i you dont really need a huge dozer, the 1150 looks way too beat up, the 550 looks nice, but its too small, and a 550 is not hydrostatic, but its not very hard to get used to the controls. I would get the ctl because, you can also mow, etc. but get a larger on...
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    How big to go

    Depending on what you want to do and what areas you will be in, its definitely worth looking into a 20 ton or around there size zero tail swing, with an hydraulic thumb and q/c. Trust me you will not regret it if you get the thumb zero tail swing and quick coupler. The new,link belt 235x3s look...
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    Bobcat 743???

    Haha same, my only issue is i want a cheap machine to get into peoples backyards and small spaces. My 262 doesn't do that very well haha. I have a idea for what im gonna do, but im not sure it will work.
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    Bobcat 743???

    would it be possible to put joystick controls on a 1999-2003 bobcat 753?