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    Rear Tire Size for Case 580 CK Backhoe?

    I would stay with the 14.9. Bill has it right. I have a 1975 580 b with 16.9. The smallest rise and down to low range 1st or maybe 2nd gear.
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    DIFF LOCK 74 case 580b

    Engaged it pretty much spools the rear. So no hard surface driving. If all the linkage is free it sounds like problems in the axle. Up is unlocked. Also don't step on it if a wheel is spinning. Bad things happen then!
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    Case 580B 2 piece to 1 piece cylinder

    Shouldn't matter so long as correct diameter. Hopefully your cylinder isn't beat up on the inside.
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    Looking for a stabilizer cylinder 580ck

    The cylinder on my 580B was cracked when I got it. Conequip in Ny was the cheapest I found. Ups lady wasn't happy with me. She probably weighed less than it did.
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    Case 580 CK starter issues

    Wrong solenoid. It should still work. There should be letters by the 2 small posts. I and s. I is for a gasser ignition. Make sure it is hooked to the s. Sounds like bad solenoid or low battery/ bad conection.
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    Aquired a Case 580B-CK backhoe

    Nice, but 36 inch bucket is big. I'm looking for a 16 or 18 inch. Have a 24 and 36. If it's been sitting a while you can count on having to rebuild a few if not all cylinders.
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    case 580B return to dig

    I measured mine for a guy on yesterday's tractors. Under crawler, dozer, backhoe heading. Page 2. Title just says 580b. If you need more than what is there post back. Some half inch water or black pipe, some 1/4 inch plate to make a clevis and some 5/16" or 3/8" all thread (dont remember...
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    Anyone buy hydraulic seals from All States?

    Got some from them, reliable aftermarket and some from cross creek. All about the same.
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    CASE 580B suddenly no gears

    Manual shuttle with two sticks is purely mechanical. Won't have a switch. 2 brake pedals on the right, clutch on the left. Either a shift fork broke, a key broke, or the range shifter is in neutral. There could be something wrong there, broken key or bent fork. Or the clutch disc failed completely
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    Case hose size

    I recently replaced all the hoses on my 580b. Just took them to the local shop and he made them while I waited. Took all of a half hour to make 10 hoses. Wasn't cheap. But went with good hose. Didn't want to have to do it again. All but 2 were original 1975. Still need to do the stab cylinders...
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    Ford 4500 1967

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/152113315252?hash=item236aa8fdb4:g:mw4AAOSwvg9XUIxO Getting the gland ( end of cylinder) off is the hard part. Some have a hex, some have either 2 or 4 holes for a special wrench, some are held in with an internal snap ring or spring wire. Then you might need the cheap...
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    John Deer 310 D - hydraulic fluid leak right side

    I know nothing about JD. So take this for what it's costing you. Check the oil level in the trans to be sure no water got in from sitting outside. If it did it could be displacing oil and forcing it out.
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    Cylinder “O” ring kit

    RAP is in Michigan, 2 days to get my parts in Tennessee. Dale is in Illinois, same 2 days to get parts. Reliable sells on ebay too. You'll need the # off the gland to order the seal kits. A lot of them even though the same year changed the seals.
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    Cylinder “O” ring kit

    Got my seal kits from Reliable Aftermarket Parts. Dale Weiss at e-bachoeparts is another good place.
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    Looking for Case 580 SE Manual

    No help with the machine, but Peaceful Creek for the user, repair and parts manuals. You may not think so but the parts manual is a great help with good pics.