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    D6 R oil pan repair/replace

    our d6 r series II with a C-9 has had the oil plug repaired before we acquired it and it has always leaked alittle. Some say to replace that pan engine needs to be pulled, others say not. Anyone had a personal experience?
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    Dozer pulled Drainage Tile Plow suggestions

    we went from a fiat 21c and d8k on plows to a d8t, I will never go back once I tried the diff steering. One of our biggest reasons for not going self propelled was service, if we need a part its there and winter comes we send it to our local cat dealer they go through it and we head out. In...
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    D6R mechanical temp gauge

    we want to put a mechanical temp gauge on our d6R ii with a c-9. Is there a port to put one?0
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    Screen/crushing bucket

    anyone out there used using any kind of screening bucket? We are bedding pipes in heavy clay and rather than bringing crushed stone in we would like to bed with processed clay, would clay clog up the screens, some buckets have star wheels. At times it's dry and hard and other times it's like...
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    D8t service password

    We want to change the settings for the reversing fan on our D8t but don't know the service password to get into those settings. Is there a standard password or a way to make a new one?
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    D8T screen went blue

    end of today the service screen on our d8t went dark blue, couldn't make out anything. When the master shuts off screen powers down same as any other day. All dash gauges still working, what should I check?
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    Door locks on cat D8t

    did cat have the option to not have door locks on a D8t, I looked inside the handle today and I swear there's nothing behind the keyhole
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    Volvo 160d code

    Had a code come up today we have not seen Code-MO2505-07 Source: E-ECU
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    D6R ii not starting good

    As it cools off this fall our d6 isn't starting good, 30s and cooler. Just had it serviced at cat, they say fuel system is good and pre heater is working. 7,000 hours, C-9. Could intake heater be tired? Runs good no loss of power when working
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    Nipple on cylinder

    We have a cylinder and the nipple for one of the hoses has a hairline crack and dripping, we are worried if we tighten the hose more going into it, it will open the crack more. Removing the whole cylinder to have a new nipple welded on it a rather larger under taking. Brazing hold up under...
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    Question for Nige

    Mark, thanks for the info, when you say earlier versions didn't have that feature, do you mean just the free wheeling stator or the larger torque?
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    Question for Nige

    Nige, I have read that D8Rs have a much larger torque converter than D8ns, but then I was told that it wasn't until series ii when the torque got bigger. Any info? Thanks
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    D8R vs D8R ii

    Pros and cons of the series one vs series two, one has less electronics but I hear two has much larger torque converter. Our application is long heavy pulls ripping
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    Bucket spoon

    Anyone have some pictures of spoon attachments for digging large diameter pipe? I know some people weld them right to the teeth but if we can build something to bolt up that would save some tooth locks I would think
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    deere 450G coolant in oil

    Had this happen on a dozer, thought it was oil cooler. Ended up o-ring at the end of one of the sleeves. Took pan off and put little pressure in radiator to find which one was dripping