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    D5Mxl new undercarriage & Track Extension

    So it is a D5M XLR now. :)
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    I did not think you could over fill them, because the filler tube goes way into the tank, so when filling the oil comes out well before the tank is anywhere near full.
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    It Begins: Big Bud Tractor to be Produced Again, Simple and Repairable

    There are also no emission regulation for off highway vehicles. You can import and sell any engine design, no matter how old.
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    D4D Cat transmission upgrades?

    LOL, yea everything is bigger in Queensland. :D
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    D4D Cat transmission upgrades?

    I would put an 8V72 in it.
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    D4D Cat transmission upgrades?

    Good old nitro glycerine,, unstable and goes off quickly with a bang. :D:D
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    D4D Cat transmission upgrades?

    When you are the one paying the repair bills.
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    It is a D330 engine. Not a D330C.
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    D6D engine overheating

    Sorry for the slow reply. I looked up the parts book and yes it shows a smaller and bigger oil cooler, mine is the smaller as expected. I have not been using it lately as other stuff has got in the way, but finally got around to putting the rake back on for some new adventures. Blew out the...
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    D8R new tracks

    Ahhh you are doing it government style I see.
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    D4D 78A 7128 final drive

    Not that I know much, but I would loosen off the final drive hub nut, then tighten the nut on the end of the the dead axle, then retighten the hub nut.
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    CAT D6C Tilt Cylinder

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    D6D engine overheating

    Well finally got a chance to run the D6D today for a few hours. It was a warm day, the radiator had plenty of water in it, it was reasonably hard work in hills. A couple of hours in the gauge just made it to the red and suddenly spewed a heap of water out the cap. Then proceeded to run as...
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    76 D4D new toy with problems

    All I can offer is that if it is a 1976 model, it will have a wet backend as in the steering clutches and brakes are immersed in oil. All the earlier ones were dry.
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    CAT 922B wheel loader

    You can not replace the steering cylinder, it is that old and obsolete. It is actually a fully welded unit. I rebuilt mine by cutting through the welds on a lathe. Taking the cylinder to a hydraulic rebuild shop and they honed the cylinder and made a new oversize piston to suit. As well as...