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Recent content by oldirt

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    My D6D

    have an 84 model d with a direct injection motor. I replaced that precleaner with a TurboII, which does not have a glass or plastic outside bowl to break. my brakes act like yours too, have never figured out why they are so grabby sometimes. really love this old tractor, it had a really tough...
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    Finger tip steering conversion kit for old caterpillar dozers

    back in the mid 60's I knew a contractor that worked for my dad and I looked at his D8 14a. I may be wrong as he had two cats one a 13a and the other a 14a. anyhow.. one of them had some kind of hydraulic booster steering levers that were about three inches tall and he could steer it with...
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    Hawaii lava ripping

    I was wondering why they couldn't line up about 20 d11's and build a berm high enough to turn that lava toward the ocean? looks like gravity would do the rest..
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    D6C Final Drive Sea

    just fyi, my post above was actual experience, not just my "opinion". you won't need to check except at change intervals now, if it grenades like mine did you will definitely feel it. best of luck..
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    What to look for when buying used dozer.

    this must be a joke..
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    No oil pressure

    cat used to be the standard every other manufacturer had to meet. sad.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    and now you are going on "spring break"?? I am done with this waste of bandwidth.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    "Sureway is a huge customer but that doesn't mean the dealer shouldn't look after the small customer too" not in cat's book.. big money talks big no matter where you go.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    steve, listen to welder dave. he is right. your mistakes ENDED when you delivered that tractor into their "professional" care. remind them of that when you tell them you expect your tractor back running as they PROMISED.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    John Shipp just said the big winner here: "The exact mechanical problem the judge wouldn't want to know. It's the running up the bill then saying this tractor is now ours is the issue. It's not normal in my experience to run the bill up and then let customer know they no longer own the machine...
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    cat will never let this go to court. don't get greedy, just ask for legal costs plus whatever they screwed up in that motor. somehow, you need to get that tractor home because if they think they will have to pay up you will most likely find a couple surprises that they left you and you should...
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    to the op.. to think they weren't reading this (and laughing) from day one would be rather naive. welder dave.. they DO NOT CARE about us little fishies. this is all about them getting us to leave them alone with their large accounts. they really think they are too big to need us now.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    to welder dave.. as to them not belonging to the BBB.. they don't have to. they are the only game in the whole state. thanks to cat for insulating all their dealers from any competition, this behavior is the result.
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    I cannot believe this
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    D6c cat loss of oil pressure

    here is my guess.. he GIVES them the tractor, and pays about 9500 bucks.